Hilarious: LA Times Op-Ed on the Horror of Now Owning a Tesla

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One thing that’s truly funny about the liberal mindset is how so much of what they do is attached to virtue signaling to what they think the liberal narrative is.


We saw that with the cult of the mask. We see that continuing with the green cult.

That’s led to a small problem, as we saw with actress Alyssa Milano. What to do about your Tesla that you bought to have everyone see what a caring person you were now that the leftist mantra is that Elon Musk is the personification of evil? Milano claimed that she gave it back (I’m not sure how that works) and got a Volkswagen. But then people had to school her on the origins of Volkswagen under the Nazis. Thus, if she was playing the political virtue-signaling game, she just stepped in it big time.

There’s an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times from former magazine editor John Blumenthal that’s getting some attention because frankly, it’s embarrassing. The title? “I bought a Tesla to help the environment. Now, I’m embarrassed to drive it.” In the piece, he said all those things out loud about virtue signaling that we know are true, but they don’t normally say.

Blumenthal described how, although he had a deep affection for his gas-guzzling heap, his friends pushed him into buying a Tesla because they were “best for the environment.”

Because of the recent revelation of Elon Musk’s political views — all of which I abhor — I’m starting to worry about what sort of political statement the car is making. Will people see me as a symbol of right-wing environmentalism, a living oxymoron?

When I bought the car, I had no real opinion on Musk’s somewhat clouded political beliefs. Now that Musk has apparently swung to the far right — banning journalists from Twitter while reinstating neo-Nazis — I’m horrified to be associated with his brand whenever I drive anywhere.

What is Musk up to with this acquisition and destruction of Twitter? Publicity? Political power? It’s certainly not a financial strategy. If there’s one demographic that is unlikely to buy a Tesla, it’s the climate change deniers and anti-science voices he’s been cozying up to.


He has no idea what Musk’s political views are.

“Journalists” were not banned — they were suspended for about 12 hours for passing on information from an account that was doxxing Musk’s location. Musk had already announced that doxxing would get you suspended. And this was in the wake of someone stalking his baby son. So frankly, the “journalists” got off easily that they were allowed back on so quickly.

Wanting free speech is swinging to “the far right”? What does that say about the left, who don’t want it, that they seek to demonize someone who does?

Blumenthal continued:

It’s a beautifully designed car with no carbon emission, and initially, I was proud of owning it and being seen driving a vehicle that displayed my concern for the environment. But I’m a liberal, and if Musk’s politics don’t change radically for the better, driving a Tesla will become, at least for me, as hypocritical and untenable as driving a gas guzzler was

But what’s hilarious is how he’s so horrified now. He bought it because of what his friends thought. Now he’s upset because of what people on the left are going to think about him. It doesn’t matter that it’s the same vehicle it was when he bought it. It shows that it wasn’t really about the fact that it supposedly was better for the environment but that it was all about virtue signaling and what people thought about him. Imagine going through life like that and how exhausting that must be.


No wonder mainstream media is dying.


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