Elon Takes on 'Legacy Media,' Teases More to Come That Will Tarnish Their Reputation

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

We’ve seen how the left and the liberal media haven’t been at all happy with Elon Musk buying Twitter and championing free speech.

When you champion free speech, it means you support the right of all to speak, not just the people with whom you agree. But that’s how it’s been with old Twitter — allowing the liberal narrative and suspending those who seriously questioned it. The liberal media was happy with that because they agreed with it.


Much of the liberal media either tried to downplay or ignore the revelations of the Twitter Files showing the coordination of the government in the suppression of speech on Twitter. But that hasn’t stopped Musk from commenting, as he did earlier, about the questions that should be pursued regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci.

CNBC’s Squawk Box and Axios business reporter Hope King went after him, saying that with his actions regarding Twitter, his “reputation is in danger.”

“All of the macro conditions are against his favor. Market share for $TSLA is down year-over-year. His reputation with Twitter is impacting his reputation when it comes to all of his companies.”

Co-anchor Andrew Sorkin claimed even Musk would say he had made a mistake in buying Twitter, which I don’t think he has said. King said that Musk wasn’t “holding up his end of the bargain” with the Twitter deal.

Musk’s “end of the bargain” was trying to increase free speech on the platform, and he’s done a great job at that, despite all kinds of attacks from Democrats and the media. Consider all the anger from the media, who should care about free speech, but would rather attack him than recognize what he’s trying to do. “He’s talking too much,” King says. That’s an issue? It’s a great thing that we finally have someone who is talking. The transparency on all kinds of issues on the platform as well as with the Twitter Files revelations is a great thing. He’s exposing all the problems that have been hidden from the people for so long. It’s one of the reasons that Twitter is active again and is driving more people to the platform. If the media has a problem with transparency, then maybe there’s a problem with that media.


Some also pointed out that this was a bad take because they were trying to look at Tesla stock in a vacuum.

But if the media thought Musk was going to be put off by the attack or stop the transparency, not so much. Musk responded, “The legacy media should worry about its own reputation. We’ve only just begun.”

His point leads to another problem the legacy media has with him: Twitter is, itself, a news source that is now more reliable than the legacy media. It’s their reputation that has suffered in all this and continues to suffer when they do things like this.

If there was an indication, Squawk Box’s attack had 5,971 likes on its attack. But Musk had more than 167,000 likes on his response. I’m thinking that’s just a small indication of whose reputation is truly in question here.


I’m thinking their attack on him just went wrong and is making him more dug in than ever to take on the fight.


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