Yikes: Biden's Paranoia About the Secret Service Runs Deep, Book Claims

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We’ve seen that Joe Biden has a lot of issues, between his deteriorating coherence and his constant lying.

As I wrote earlier, he also has a delusional view of the world, in which he’s a poor victim who thinks “God dealt him a terrible hand — worse than FDR’s.” FDR had to deal with the Great Depression, and Biden inherited a recovering economy; all Biden had to do was sit on it and not mess it up, but he couldn’t even do that. He thinks the media is being unfair and causing invented “panics” among the American people over issues like the supply chain crisis.


But it sounds like he’s also suffering from some paranoia, as well. According to excerpts from the upcoming book, “The Fight Of His Life,” Joe Biden doesn’t trust the Secret Service and wouldn’t discuss sensitive matters in front of them.

The book says that he doesn’t think a Secret Service agent was telling the truth about being bitten by his dog Major on the second floor of the White House.

“Look, the Secret Service are never up here. It didn’t happen,” Biden reportedly said while pointing out the location of the alleged attack on the second floor of the White House.

Biden thought “somebody was lying … about the way the incident had gone down,” author Chris Whipple writes in “The Fight of His Life,” according to excerpts published by The Independent ahead of the book’s Jan. 17 release.

But in fact, the dog had bitten agents eight days in a row, according to internal emails, as we reported. If anything, the danger from the dog had been downplayed, and Biden was deluding himself and/or the public.

“Without warning or provocation, Major barked loudly at [the agent] … and charged,” according to a heavily redacted incident report.

“Having no time to seek cover from the attack, [the agent] turned away from the dog as he bit into [redacted] right leg,” the account added.

About an hour later, President Biden’s then-chief protective agent David Cho wrote in an email: “Major bit one of the agents this morning. The agent is OK, but does have bruising and a puncture.”

The agent was bitten by Major a second time, but it is unclear when.


Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki downplayed it at the time, saying the dog had been “surprised” by an “unfamiliar person.” She didn’t mention the other biting incidents.

The Biden team couldn’t even be straight about dog attacks that were hurting the people entrusted with Biden’s safety.

“NO I didn’t surprise the dog doing my job by being at [redacted] as the press secretary just said! Now I’m pissed,” the agent attacked on March 8 wrote to a co-worker.

The colleague replied, “SMH. .. hope you didn’t get hurt to [sic] bad.”

Another message written by an unknown Secret Service employee refers to photos of the bite area and said the “injury cannot be described in any other term than ‘severe.’”

Secret Service records indicate that Major Biden’s attacks began earlier than previously known and continued for months — ensnaring many protective agents, a National Park Service worker and a White House visitor.


Meanwhile, Biden was also paranoid about the Secret Service because he thought some of them likely supported President Donald Trump and were “MAGA sympathizers,” and the agency “is full of white ex-cops from the South who tend to be deeply conservative.” Whipple claimed Biden “wasn’t taking any chances,” and “wary of his own Secret Service agents, the president no longer spoke freely in their presence.” Supposedly, he also was concerned after Secret Service messages about Jan. 6 were deleted.

This is deeply paranoid, and a slimy way to smear his agents and hate on the white ones. Again, he displays this animosity toward “MAGA people,” something he showed during his speech in Philadelphia where he demonized half the country as extremists.

Pro-tip for Biden? Most cops/law enforcement/military are probably conservative and don’t support you. You don’t have to support someone politically to do your job. Is he going to smear them all like this for being “white” and “from the South”? It’s more than a little concerning that he’s so paranoid.

But when asked about the excerpts from the book, the White House refused to confirm or deny what it said.



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