What Is a Woman? Elon Shows Pendulum May Be Swinging Back to Reality With Hilarious Babylon Bee Video

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What is a woman? It would seem a simple thing to define.

According to the Oxford Language Dictionary, a woman is a female adult human being.


Yet we’ve seen this movement from the left, a refusal to even define “woman” because somehow having a definition would leave out people who want to believe that they are women when they were born men.

Let’s listen to Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson at her hearing in March.

So instead you have a rejection of what a woman is then, that there is no real definition, moving to anyone can be a woman if they say they are a woman. Damn any reality — there is no reality.

Here’s the change that the Cambridge Dictionary just came up with — including “an adult who lives and identifies as female, though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.” Translation: We’re not even going to say what we’re talking about/that we’re talking about someone who was born a biological male. What is “said to have a different sex at birth”? You have a sex at birth, whether Cambridge wants to say it or not; it is not “said.” What does “lives as a female” even mean? If you can be a woman simply because you imagine you are, can you be a child even if you are an adult? Or black even if you are white?


Then, if you move in that direction, you can also get this reaction: What about the females who don’t “identify” as women?

How over the edge of reality do we get? I wrote on Tuesday about a trans “girl” who claimed to be suffering “pain” from a “first intense period.” But if the person was a biological male, that person cannot have a “period” because that person doesn’t have the biological parts that result in periods.

But if you question that as being problematic, watch out. Admiral Rachel Levine is pressuring tech companies to do something about “gender misinformation.” So if you question or have an issue with this new reality/non-reality, you might suffer the wrath of the suspensions. As we’ve seen with the release of the Twitter Files, if you do not act in accordance with the narrative, you may face the consequences.


Fortunately, Elon Musk has been bringing a bit of a new day on Twitter and he highlighted a hilarious video from the Babylon Bee about the definition of women featuring our wonderful Kira Davis.

Lol, “X doesn’t make that sound.”

The video was from June, but they were suspended from Twitter in March over calling Rachel Levine a man, so they posted the video again on Wednesday. But under Twitter 1.0, you weren’t have been allowed to see that kind of humor or that speech skewering the present problem with the left. Now you can again, and that’s positive movement. Indeed, it was the Babylon Bee suspension that got Musk interested in buying Twitter, to begin with, because of his belief in free speech. He’s also spoken about the dangers of the “woke mind virus.”

The pendulum may be swinging back a bit toward reality, at least on Twitter.


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