Twitter Lets Loose Over Wild Video of 'Trans Girl' Having 'Intense Period'

Trans girl having "first intense period." (Credit: Libs of TikTok)

I wrote the other day about many people on the left attacking actor Dean Cain for being “hateful” because he pointed out the simple truth that two biological adult men were not girls. He wasn’t mocking the men or attacking them, simply noting that biologically they were not, in fact, girls.


Then there was the troubling video of Admiral Rachel Levine speaking to state medical board members saying they all needed to work collectively to deal with gender “misinformation,” to lean on big tech. That raised troubling questions of censorship, not to mention a coordinated effort to impose compliance with the narrative that the Biden administration wants on the subject.

But how far through the looking glass are we getting?

A video that Libs of TikTok posted that now has more than five million views shows just how far we have gone. It depicts a “trans woman” supposedly suffering period pain after taking hormone replacement therapy.

Now, as Libs points out, a man doesn’t have a uterus and only biological women can menstruate. So a man might have a bad reaction to hormones but he isn’t having a “period” because he can’t have the regular discharge of blood from the uterus and resulting pain without a uterus. That’s biology and something that shouldn’t need to be explained to any adult. Yet, it appears it must because we’re now living in an alternate reality where such claims are acceptable and not just performance art. Some of the same people who yelled, “Believe the science!” over COVID are now in complete denial about the reality of biology. At approximately five seconds in you can see what looks like a smile on the person’s face, like the person is enjoying the performance.


In fact, in addition to being delusional, some saw this as mocking the pain that women go through, doing a “cosplay” fake imitation, and marginalizing biological women.

But this isn’t just this video — it’s a movement that is increasing on the left, to accept that there is no such thing as biological reality, that indeed reality is fungible, and there is no order in the universe. That’s how we get things like a Supreme Court Justice who refuses to define what a woman is. When you can’t define what a woman is, how can you ensure women’s rights? When there is no order, everything is purely based on feeling and emotion, you can more easily sow chaos.


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