Elon Lets the Still Whining Media Know Again: You're Not Special

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

As we reported, Twitter suspended some members of the media for being involved in sharing a link that allegedly tracked Elon Musk’s location. They were suspended under the rule against doxxing about nine days ago.


But media writer Paul Farhi of the Washington Post was still crying about the harsh treatment they received.

Farhi whined that Elon Musk had said the media members “could return. What he didn’t say is there was a catch. The journalists have refused to meet his terms and remain locked out.”

What was this evil, special “catch” with which these folks were saddled by that mean, old Musk? They have to delete the offending tweet. Farhi said some of the media members were refusing to comply with the requirement so they remained in “Twitter purgatory.” He also admitted they had mentioned or linked to the @ElonJet account, which had been tracking Musk. Farhi claimed the account used “publicly available flight data.” But – as Musk noted – that wasn’t true. His plane was in a privacy program, which the @ElonJet guy managed to work around and then track it anyway.

Deleting the offending tweet has always been a longstanding part of getting unsuspended on Twitter, long before Musk came along. So, complying with that isn’t about “meeting his terms” or any special punishment being leveled by Musk against these characters, as Farhi’s tweet would suggest. The fact that they don’t seem to recognize that it’s normal, shows how little they had to deal with it as part of the liberal media. All the rest of us — particularly the folks on the right who seemed to get the unfair treatment from the old Twitter — were very aware of it.


Journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out how “corporate journalists” were now learning about this when there were previously “immune,” but that none of these people cared when “the NY Post was locked out for 2 weeks before the election.” Musk made it clear those times were over, “No special treatment for corpo journalists anymore.” He’s said this before, but they’re still not getting the message.

Greenwald noted that was “what angers them the most,” that they’re now “subjected to the same set of rules as the serfs, peasants and independent journalists who they don’t regard as legitimate despite having broken infinitely more important stories than they ever will. It’s the loss of their caste status.”

Musk replied, “Precisely.”

That’s exactly it, and that’s why even nine days later, they’re still whining and playing this game that they don’t have to comply with the rules like everyone else. They could have gotten unsuspended within about 12 hours. Some — like Aaron Rupar — did. But the rest seem to want special treatment. They didn’t give a darn about it when the NY Post — who was posting real news — got suspended for being real journalists, posted about the Hunter Biden laptop and Joe Biden’s lies, and were locked out of Twitter for two weeks. Where was the media to defend the Post?


The same media types want us to care about their right to share a link doxxing Musk? Sorry, but these guys are such whiny babies. I can’t muster up a lot of sympathy for them at this point.


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