Keith Olbermann and Half a Dozen Establishment Journalists Suspended by Twitter

Charles Sykes
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My colleague Bonchie wrote Thursday evening about the suspension of journalist Aaron Rupar’s Twitter account, and already more suspensions have been handed down as the night progresses. Locked out of their accounts: bombastic critic-of-everything Keith Olbermann, New York Times technology reporter Ryan Mac, CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan, and Mashable writer Matt Binder. Independent journalist Tony Webster’s account was also suspended as of Thursday evening, as was Intercept reporter Micah Lee’s.


Olbermann’s toxic personality cost him his gig at MSNBC, and he’s famous for posting racist tweets (and then deleting them), calling everybody who doesn’t agree with him a fascist, and generally being a cranky, seemingly-unhinged flamethrower. You can’t access some of his more controversial tweets at the moment, because Olbermann is on a time-out:

Keith Olbermann suspended from Twitter. (Credit: Twitter)

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Twitter has yet to explain its rationale for suspending the accounts, but CEO Elon Musk has been adamant that anyone “doxxing” other people or revealing their current whereabouts will be suspended or terminated because they’re putting folks in danger.

The billionaire has a personal reason for his strong views on the matter: on Wednesday a person stalked Musk’s family. As RedState’s Nick Arama reported, “the person blocked his family’s car, thinking Elon was in it, and climbed on the hood of the car. Musk’s toddler son was in the car.”


Scary stuff. Arama also wrote that the “crazy stalker” Elon described was wearing Antifa-like clothes, but Musk’s people were able to get photos of the perp and his license plate.

Twitter’s suspension of the account @ElonJet Wednesday caused lots of chatter and may have led up to the rash of Thursday evening suspensions. @ElonJet earned celebrity status by posting information about the whereabouts of the mogul’s private plane. The Verge explains:

On Wednesday, Twitter suspended @ElonJet and @ElonJet’s creator and introduced a new policy against sharing live location information. That includes sharing “links to 3rd-party URL(s) of travel routes,” and it appears Twitter counts a link to @ElonJet’s Mastodon account as a violation of the policy.

In yet another suspension, Twitter has suspended the account of Mastodon, the Twitter-wannabe social media site, after they linked to the suspended ElonJet account. Got it?

The left will certainly explode over these suspensions, even as they stood idly by and didn’t care or write long opinion pieces or post passionate tweets when it was conservatives who were getting shadow banned, suspended, and kicked off the platform. Indeed they’re already whining: “A spokesman for the New York Times called the suspensions ‘questionable and unfortunate’ in a statement Thursday night.”


Musk posted a Tweet at 6:20 PST:

This is a fast-moving story, and we’ll update you as new information comes in.



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