Hilarious: Taylor Lorenz Throws Tantrum About Twitter Suspension, Claims She's Victim of 'Cancel Culture'

As we reported earlier, Washington Post’s designated social media ranter, Taylor Lorenz, was suspended by Twitter.

Lorenz claimed that she hadn’t done anything to earn a suspension protesting that she only had “three tweets” on her account at the time and implying that she was suspended for asking Musk a question about a story.


Lorenz continued to go over the edge in a further insane late-night rant (while dressed to the nines and sounding like an unhinged Valley Girl). How could anything claiming to be a journalistic outlet employ this person?

It’s pretty hilarious, as she even tries to suggest that Musk might be watching her and that maybe he scrubbed her tweets (even though she said she was trying to scrub her tweets).

Musk has now said that the reason that she was suspended was prior doxxing.

That probably explains why Lorenz was trying to scrub her tweets. That also might mean that someone at Twitter might have tipped her off if she knew to scrub the tweets before she got suspended. Lorenz is infamously known for having doxxed Libs of TikTok and has pushed for the suspension of others so it’s perhaps perfect karma that she’s getting it now, although it should be for longer given her actions.


Lorenz had the gall — after her suspension — to complain about “cancel culture” being used against her.

“Cancel culture has gone too far. I think the way that musk is arbitrarily banning anyone who he personally doesn’t like has dangerous consequences for free speech,” she reportedly said. Imagine the nerve of that, as she tried to silence people like Libs of TikTok and it’s been all her buddies on the left doing the “canceling” against people whose opinions they didn’t like.

Some on the left threw fits over this “most legendary” journalist being suspended.


Now, that’s funny.

At this point, I think Musk — in addition to suspending them for their actions — is trolling them into understanding what they have done to others over the past few years. Now they’re all hypocritically screaming about free speech when they didn’t give a darn about it before — when Twitter was silencing people they wanted to be silenced.


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