Taylor Lorenz's Vicious Doxxing of 'Libs of Tik Tok' Claims Yet Another Victim

Taylor Lorenz's Vicious Doxxing of 'Libs of Tik Tok' Claims Yet Another Victim
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The Washington Post‘s Taylor Lorenz doxed the person behind the Twitter account Libs of TikTok (LoTT) because she dared to re-post public videos that people on the left posted about themselves. The crime? Showing how radical the left truly has become. That’s something that the left doesn’t want Americans to see, because if Americans see what the left supports, they would never win another election. That’s why they targeted LoTT.

The WaPo even published her name, her profession, and the city where she practices, as well as originally publishing a link to her associated address. They later deleted the link, after the backlash from the story hit.

Then they lied about it, said her name was public and that they didn’t “publish or link to any details of her personal life.”

In an example of karma — you put evil out there and it bounces back on you — while LoTT has come under a lot of attack from people on the left, she now has gained more than 247,000 followers over the past couple of days. LoTT’s account now has almost 879,000 followers — and has an offer from the Babylon Bee that will enable her to do this full time.

Meanwhile, Lorenz is acting like she’s the victim in all this.

Lorenz doxed LoTT and sicced a ton of people on her. She put this all in motion, not caring who she hurt in the process or what might happen to LoTT. Lorenz is not the victim here. Nor are the people on the left who posted their own public videos “victims” here either.

But LoTT isn’t the only victim here. Because of what the WaPo and Lorenz did, now another woman with the same name in Los Angeles is getting death threats and is being harassed by leftists.

Indeed, a third person with the name is also being harassed as well.

This is what the WaPo and Taylor Lorenz started.

Lorenz is now trying to get out of it.

But she put everyone with that name and everyone around them at risk — including the correct person — whom she is still attacking. Notice Lorenz doesn’t care at all about how much that real person is hurt. Too late, you can’t try to back out of this — now that you put it in motion, it’s all on you.

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