Warnock Is Trying to Hoodwink the People of Georgia on His Voting Record

Ken Cedeno/Pool via AP, File

We’re down to one day left to the runoff in Georgia.

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) has been doing all he can to distance himself from Joe Biden and paint himself as a moderate. But the bottom line is a vote for him is a vote for the continued bad policies that have so harmed America. A vote for him is a vote for moving the Senate and the country further to the radical left. I don’t think that’s where Georgia wants to go.


A reporter tried to question Warnock on that issue.

“Senator Warnock, why do you refuse to campaign with Joe Biden? You vote with him 96 percent of the time!” the reporter said. One of Warnock’s supporters shouted back to the reporter, “That’s a bullshit question.”

But it isn’t and it says something about their principles if they’re trying to slip that by the people of Georgia. They wouldn’t answer that question because they know how much it would hurt Warnock in the race. A vote for Warnock is a vote for that same continuing failure.

Not only is Warnock trying to hoodwink the people of Georgia, but Joe Biden admitted he was as well, telling a phone bank of folks calling Georgians to vote for Warnock, “I wouldn’t tell that on the phone.” Then he laughed about withholding that from voters.


They think it’s funny to put one over on voters. They don’t even think you have the right to know that information.

That’s why they’re keeping Joe Biden away from the state, and why he went to Boston for a fundraiser for Warnock, rather than to Georgia to campaign for the race. As I reported, he managed to confuse Warnock with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in the process. They’ve sent Barack Obama to Georgia instead, and even he managed to make a Freudian slip about how bad “Uncle Joe” was.

But refusing to answer questions has been the way they’ve been handling this.

Warnock was asked if he believed in any restrictions on abortion and his response was a non-response, saying he supported Roe v. Wade.

He’s still ducking that question because he knows the position of abortion without restriction, up to the moment of birth isn’t a position held by most Georgians.

Warnock gave one final interview to “The Means Report,” where he was asked if he voted to give “stimulus checks to convicted criminals and illegal immigrants” and if he ran over his ex-wife’s foot with his car, as she had alleged.


But Warnock doesn’t say yes or no immediately when he is asked that question about his wife, just saying that issue has been “vetted.” And then he deflects on the other question, saying Republicans did it too, which equals a “yes.”

Biden made it into office by hiding in his basement. While Warnock isn’t hiding in his basement, he is hiding from these various questions, hoping he won’t be held to account. That’s deceptive to the people of Georgia and let’s hope they let him know that isn’t acceptable with their votes on Tuesday.


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