Joe Biden Makes a Telling Admission About Georgia Senate Race During Warnock Fundraising Event

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As we previously reported, President Joe Biden appeared confused and out of it Friday during a public appearance where he was asked why he wasn’t going down to Georgia ahead of next Tuesday’s runoff election to campaign for/with Sen. Raphael Warnock in the remaining Senate race yet to be decided.


“I’m going to Georgia today to help Sen. Warren. Not to Georgia, I’m gonna help Sen. Warren [by] doing a major fundraiser up in Boston,” Biden responded, apparently getting Warnock mixed up with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the latter of who needs no help from Biden whatsoever when it comes to opening her mouth and inserting her foot.

Biden did indeed visit Boston later in the day, where among other things he met with William, Prince of Wales before making a stop at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Dorchester, where he did some phone bank work in an effort to raise money for Warnock in the closing days of the campaign.

According to CBS News, after the visit to the IBEW Biden was expected to “go to a fundraiser in Boston for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which has spent millions of dollars to boost Warnock’s campaign against Republican challenger Herschel Walker.”

During the IBEW event where Warren was also in attendance, Biden told those assembled that Walker did “not deserve” to be in the Senate, while Warnock was a “truly decent, honorable guy”:

But it was at another point during his speech that Biden kinda sorta said the quiet part out loud about how it’s probably best that Georgia voters aren’t told that Warnock votes with him the vast majority of time.


Of Walker’s campaign, Biden stated that “They’re running against [Warnock] saying he votes 98% of the time with Joe Biden. I wouldn’t tell [Georgia voters] that on the phone.”


The good thing, I guess, is that Joe Biden appears to be aware enough to understand that he’s underwater approval-wise with Georgia voters. The bad thing is that he’s openly admitting that it’s best to leave the voters in the state in the dark as to Warnock’s true voting record. While he’s not telling Warnock surrogates to lie, he’s suggesting they omit the truth.

The only other alternative explanation for Biden’s comments is that he may think it’s not a good idea for Walker’s campaign to tell people of Warnock’s voting record because he assumes it would be a plus for Warnock that Georgia voters know that. But considering Warnock and Biden have kept their distance from each other since before Election Day, I think it’s safe to say that Warnock has concluded it’s best to not be seen as too close to Biden despite the fact that they most definitely are.

This race is coming right down to the wire, so much so that all the stops are being pulled out by both sides down the homestretch.


But though Democrats managed to maintain control of the Senate (with the current number of seats at 50 with VP Kamala Harris being a potential tiebreaker), that still doesn’t mean Republicans should give up the fight to keep it at 50-50. Because as my RS colleague Bonchie noted earlier, “The difference between a 50/50 US Senate and a 51/49 one is the difference between Democrats controlling the committees and them being evenly split. In an evenly split environment, Republicans retain some control over things like judicial nominations.”

This was a point echoed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) as well:

So do your thing, Herschel Walker supporters in Georgia: Go. and. vote.

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