Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi Have the Perfect Response to Liberal Media's Fury With the Truth

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We saw a lot of meltdowns from the liberal media over the release of the Twitter suppression files by Elon Musk. What’s shameful about liberal media’s action is that they should have been investigating the Hunter Biden laptop story for the past three years. But instead, they were too busy trying to downplay it, ignore it, or call it Russian disinformation rather than doing what is supposed to be their jobs. Instead, they were acting like Democratic operatives, not journalists.


Not only hadn’t they done their jobs, but a lot of the liberal media then flipped out on Matt Taibbi for doing his job in laying out the pertinent Twitter files. It sounded like they had all gotten their “talking points” from the same place. Someone must have told them to say “PR” and “richest man” in their attacks on Taibbi.

Matt Taibbi didn’t miss the talking point that they were spreading, and he had a great response.


He said he was “looking forward” to going through all the “PR for the richest man on earth” tweets, “and seeing how many of them have run stories for anonymous sources at the FBI, CIA, the Pentagon, and White House.”

That’s the thing. It’s incredibly hypocritical of them to talk about how Taibbi is reporting on this information, when they are acting as PR scribes for the Democratic party. Taibbi’s effort supports free speech and transparency. Their efforts support keeping the Democrats in power. They’re trying to attack him and Musk because they can’t attack the facts they’re dropping. They want to deflect from those facts and pretend that they don’t matter.

Several emails exposed that Twitter staff engaged in emergency censorship of the story, even though high-level employees were clearly apprehensive of the move. One email revealed that then-Twitter Global Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth acknowledged the shakiness of their reasons in squashing the story, but encouraged it anyway, citing the “lessons of 2016.”

Fox News Digital reported on other documents posted by Taibbi in his thread, revealing “that Twitter staff had open channels with powerful third parties, including members of both political parties, so that they could flag tweets they deemed problematic and have them ‘handled.’”

Taibbi alleged that due to the liberal bias of a majority of Twitter staff, requests to censor posts from liberals and Democrats were fulfilled more.


Despite this collusion between Democrats and Twitter — or maybe because of it — most of the national liberal media failed to cover the story. I wrote about how the Washington Post and the New York Times were among the missing on the story, in the words of Fox’s Charles Payne, we were seeing a “cover-up of the cover-up.”

Elon Musk responded to Clay Travis’ tweet on the NY Times’ failure to cover the story.

Musk also spoke about this on the “Twitter Spaces” livestream vertical.

That’s the real problem here, not just the question of whether there was government involvement in the censorship: that one party was colluding with Twitter to set the narrative and have things that called that narrative into question shut down. There are tons of people who think the story was Russian disinformation or just about crack/prostitutes because of the failure of the media to cover all the important aspects of influence peddling, the conflation of bank accounts between Joe and Hunter Biden, the connections to foreign government officials, and the questions about things like Russian blackmail. Those are things we have been covering for the past three years–that the “journalists” haven’t. Even with the drop of the Twitter files, the liberal media was in full spin, again, trying to paint the censorship as merely being about “dick pics”, with some believing that.


But now, with Musk, we’re finding that Twitter may be the new transparent source that the liberal media refuses to be. That’s another reason that they’re furious. Not just that it opens the view on the collusion, but that it shows how worthless the liberal media is and how we should go right around them for the truth.


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