The Media Reaction to the Twitter Files Release: the Cover-Up of the Cover-Up

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The release of the Twitter suppression files revealed that the “Biden team” and the DNC had reached out to Twitter to shut down posts having to do with the Hunter Biden laptop, including targeting the actor James Woods. That’s a huge reveal, showing the collusion to shut down things that could hurt Joe Biden. I wrote earlier how the cope on the left about the release of the Twitter suppression files seems to be to cast Hunter Biden as the victim of that mean, evil Elon Musk.


But there’s another way that the liberal media is dealing with it. It’s the way that they commonly deal with things that might hurt Democrats.

They’re ignoring it and pretending it isn’t worth covering. My colleague Bob Hoge hit on some of this on Friday night, and the national liberal media is still largely missing any coverage the next day.

I saw virtually no major national liberal media coverage with a quick Google search of “Elon Musk Twitter files.” The Washington Post seems to have “democracy dying in the darkness”; they had nothing on it. The NY Times was also missing any coverage. Nothing from Reuters or the AP. NBC had one story that mostly downplayed it and claimed it was “rehashing” old ground. There was coverage from Fox News and the New York Post. Perhaps surprisingly, no Wall Street Journal coverage; one might have hoped they would cover it.

But heck, why would you expect journalism from liberal media at this point? That’s one of the other, big problems this whole story has revealed — they suppress by what they choose to cover and not cover. Most of America isn’t on Twitter and likely isn’t going to see the release. While we certainly have covered the Hunter Biden laptop in significant detail, the liberal media has not; they’ve scrupulously ignored the parts that involved Joe Biden, foreign compromise, and influence peddling.


For many people, they may think the laptop is only about Hunter’s crack-smoking/prostitute-engaging moments because that’s all the media has suggested it is. If the liberal media says anything, they paint it as a “Republicans pounce” situation about poor Hunter Biden’s problems. He’s the victim and/or “he’s not elected to anything.” Let’s just ignore what he said about “Russian blackmail,” the connections to China, or Joe Biden’s involvement in it. It’s a huge story that has all kinds of facets of corruption, yet the “journalists” are ignoring it.

Ignoring the coverup is part of the coverup, as Fox’s Charles Payne observed.

That’s the problem, and it doesn’t just apply to the Hunter Biden laptop, it applies to so many other situations. They should be ashamed of themselves if they had any shame. But they don’t.



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