WATCH: Hilariously Bad Take as Leftist Host Attacks Elon Over Ligma, Johnson

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Media seems to be melting down on Thursday over what they think might be going on at Twitter.

According to reports, Musk closed down Twitter headquarters for the weekend until Monday. Supposedly, he’s working out which people will be remaining and making sure that no one will try to sabotage the site in the interim. As I previously reported, he sent out a notice on Wednesday telling employees that if they were going to continue with the company — in “Twitter 2.0” — they needed to understand it was going to be “hardcore.” In other words, the spa train is over.


He asked each employee to signal if they were going to be on board with it all by 5 p.m. Thursday. So, it remains to be seen how many of the pampered employees will stick around. But given the tech employees out on the street, I’m thinking it’s not going to be too hard to replace people and get people who are willing to work.

A lot of the liberal media seems to be all-in to attack Musk because they think he’s stepped on the liberal gravy train they had with Twitter.

But a new attack from Briahna Joy Gray, cohost of the the Hill TV web series “Rising,” has to take the cake for worst –and perhaps, most hilarious–media take.

When Musk started firing people from Twitter at the end of October, two trolls walked around outside the San Francisco headquarters pretending to be fired employees. When the media interviewed the men, the pranksters gave their names as Rahul Ligma and Daniel Johnson, and the media bought it hook, line and sinker. It later came out that the two weren’t employees but were just trying to punk the media.

Elon Musk thought that was a great joke, so he had the two trolls back to Twitter and noted it with the following tweet.


But Gray, who was also the former National Press Secretary for #BernieSanders2020, still hadn’t caught up to the joke and apparently couldn’t be bothered to do any journalism to verify what she was talking about.

On her show Thursday, she talked about those poor employees while she went after Musk. Gray claimed Elon had “created such a poor working environment” and had to ask those employees back because he fired Ligma and Johnson “prematurely.” I’m not sure she truly got what she said there. She mocked Musk, claiming the “single genius myth” was “just that, a myth.” She even claimed the “employees didn’t look so happy” in the picture.

Now, that’s pretty funny. But isn’t that so emblematic of the liberal media? They can’t be bothered to report the truth; they report what they want the truth to be. But in this case, she doesn’t realize how ridiculous she is, as she’s mocking Musk over being a genius when she proved how clueless she was. These folks expect us just to accept what they say blindly, then don’t understand why we don’t take them seriously.


The trolls and Musk had a great laugh at that one.

We’ll have to see how all the drama shakes out with Twitter, but Musk certainly has brought humor back– in addition to exposing how bad the liberal media is, in the process.


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