Twitter Employee Finds out the Hard Way Advocating Mutiny Doesn't End Well

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You would think that Twitter employees would have learned by now that it’s probably not a good idea to attack the boss. That’s not just a good rule for Twitter, but for most employment in general. And if you do, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get the boot.


As we reported, he fired some who were attacking him on their internal Slack channel.

Another employee tried to call Musk out on Twitter, but that also didn’t go well. If you think your boss is wrong, the better way to handle it is to talk to him privately, not publicly, and it’s just possible that he might know more than you on the subject.

This isn’t rocket science, just being an adult in the work world.

But some operate like entitled brats, thinking that working from home, yet pulling down six-figure salaries somehow, someone owes them a job. What’s extra hilarious is some think this is some kind of cause to fight their boss — how dare he be for free speech while wanting to make the company profitable and not go under? The fiend! We must throw fits like the 12-year-old activists we are!

This former Twitter engineer called on the people who were still there to “protest.”


Tweeps that are still employed, at this time:

If your personal situation allows for it, it is your moral duty to disobey. To strike. To protest. To quote tweet Elon when he lies on Twitter. To keep looking after each other.

What are they protesting? That he’s trying to make the company profitable so that at least some of them can have a job?

Then this character who was still working for Twitter as a software engineer said that he couldn’t agree more.

But he learned that probably wasn’t the best way to go, about an hour later, when he indicated that he had been fired.

The whiny brats keep outing themselves and getting the sack. “Tweet mines” is hilarious. Yes, how tough it was with free wine on tap and meditation rooms. Almost like working in a coal mine at a tough job. Then he thinks advocating taking down the company is a great career move?

The stunning thing is that they don’t realize how lucky they are to have a job working for Musk — which many would give their eyeteeth to have — at a time when tech jobs are very much up in the air. Yet, the average number of people in the office, according to Musk, was about 10 percent.


Musk also claimed that they were spending over $400 per lunch for the free food they were providing people. That’s insane if that’s true. Then folks melted down that he stopped providing that free lunch.

How can you operate a business that way? The bottom line is you can’t. That’s why Musk had to get Twitter and the employees in hand.

This process is guaranteed to make Twitter better by taking out all the activists.

However, Musk had a great retort to the whiners. He did “hire back” Ligma and Johnson, in a humorous troll of the media attacks.

“Ligma and Johnson” were two trolls who protested outside Twitter, pretending to be fired employees. The media fell for it — hook, line, and sinker — because of course they did.

But it shows that Musk is not wilting in the face of all the tantrums being thrown, indeed, he’s telling them they need to get their acts together if they want to keep their jobs.


That’s going to make it better for all of us, if Twitter becomes less a den of liberal activists and more the open town square that would benefit all of us.


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