Biden's Actions on Election Day Tell You Everything You Need to Know About His Admin


It’s Election Day and you would think the Democrats’ leader would be out there, everywhere, rallying all the troops, hitting everywhere he could to get out the vote. Barack Obama has been everywhere. Joe Biden in the final days has been to safe places like Maryland, where Democrats are likely to win.


What is Biden doing on this last day? According to Townhall, Biden called an early lid before noon, with an empty official schedule.

He did speak to some people.

Wow, tough day.

Now, part of the reason for the early lid may be that candidates don’t want a Biden visit being the last thing that voters see before they vote when Biden is so unpopular, so he’s not being called on to hit the places where someone could make a difference. Because frankly, he would not help. With all the crazy comments Biden has made in the past week such as encouraging people not to “jump,” who would want him there on the last day? He would be a big reminder of all the Democratic failures, he’s so inextricably linked to inflation and high gas prices.


But I also think it may be because he’s done for the day. Given all his issues, he’s spent, and I don’t think he’s got anything left in the tank. Unfortunately, it’s typical Biden, after all, he hid in his basement for his presidential campaign. Not only does he have bad policies, but he’s just not capable of doing the job.

I also think at least somebody on his team has to know that the denouement has arrived and they are about to be dealt a serious drubbing. He may think that the more visible he is, the more he may get blamed for it at this point. It’s also a sign he doesn’t want to be asked about how bad it’s going and how much his failures have contributed to it—which is to say, a heck of a lot.

But could he have dialed it in anymore on the last day? Then they shouldn’t wonder why they’re going to get slaughtered. Because this has been the hallmark of how he and the Democrats have handled everything.


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