WATCH: Delusional Biden Abruptly Stops Speech, Pleads With Heckler in Rafters: 'Don't Jump!'

Listen, it’s one thing when dazed and confused Joe Biden loses his place while reading from his trusty teleprompter or wanders off track — verbally or physically — but when the mental-acuity-deficient president bizarrely stops a campaign speech, turns around, and pleads with a heckler in the rafters not to jump?


Yep, Democrats, you have a problem.

As reported by Maryland’s Local Today, Biden ended election eve on Monday night at a rally for Maryland gubernatorial nominee Wes Moore, delivering his standard stump speech to a crowd that included three hecklers. It was a curious choice for a Biden appearance, given Moore’s 28-point lead over Republican challenger Dan Cox, according to a RealClearPolitics survey average.

Then again, given the plethora of Democrats running for office in the midterms who didn’t want Biden anywhere near them during their respective campaigns, the safe decision made total sense.

“We just have to remember who we are,” Biden told the crowd. “We are the United States of America and there is nothing we cannot do as a people. So get out there and vote.” He again played his ridiculous “MAGA Republicans” card, whom he repeatedly warns present a “direct threat to democracy” in America.

But when confronted by one of the hecklers, Biden immediately strayed off script. The heckler in the rafters behind Biden yelled: “You’re a disgrace!” As the dutiful Democrat crowd shouted him down, Biden pleaded, seemingly in earnest:


Hey man, don’t jump! You look crazy enough to jump!

Uh-huh, Joe. Isn’t everyone who disdains your repeated intentional attempts to destroy America as we know it over the past two years “crazy”?

The heckler was promptly removed, apparently not interested in jumping to his death, after all. [sarc]

So here’s the question: Did Biden really believe the heckler was about to jump or was he just playing to his ridiculous “MAGA Republicans” schtick — or both? Whatever the reason, Joe Biden is clearly unfit to serve as president of the United States — not to mention run for re-election in 2024.


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