Even MSNBC Calls out Hochul to Her Face for Claim Crime Concerns Are 'Conspiracy'

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Imagine if you’re a voter in New York and you hear Gov. Kathy Hochul diminishing your concerns about crime — one of the most important issues to the people in the state. Hochul has claimed that it’s the Republicans who are just whipping up your fears, even calling it a nationwide “conspiracy.”


So, if you were concerned about seeing the crime around you, shame on you. Don’t believe your lying eyes–it’s not real, it’s all just a conspiracy. Hochul says so. Gov. Hochul even had Hillary Clinton come to New York to campaign on her behalf, and she also tried to downplay the crime problem and lie about Republicans.

But no one is buying this effort by Hochul. It’s one of the reasons that her opponent in the gubernatorial race, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), is now in the lead in the polls — because he’s taking the problem seriously and has made it one of his top priorities. So, voters know that he’s listening and he cares about their concerns.

Even MSNBC — generally the safest place for a Democrat to push their lies — wasn’t buying Hochul’s “conspiracy” theory. Check the look on Hochuls face when host Stephanie Ruhle comes back at her.


“Here’s the problem: We don’t feel safe,” Ruhle said. “I walk into my pharmacy, and everything is on lockdown because of shoplifters. I’m not going in the subway. People don’t feel safe in this town.”

The look on Hochul’s face is priceless. She didn’t think she was going to get nailed on the subject on that network.

What does that mean? It’s so bad that even people like Stephanie Ruhle — a diehard liberal — aren’t going to pretend to sugar-coat the issue. It’s even affecting her and making her feel scared. They can’t ignore it anymore, or pretend that it only affects poor people or certain areas of New York.

Ruhle even had another honest moment, taking a shot at how bad it is in San Francisco. That was a beautiful city I loved to visit but now it has become a hell hole of poop, needles, and mentally ill homeless people, under the Democrats.

According to the NY Post, the word from insiders is that even Democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams wouldn’t be unhappy if Zeldin won, instead of Hochul.


Adams is actively campaigning for Hochul and not openly supporting her GOP rival Rep. Lee Zeldin, but multiple insiders told The Post that the mayor sees more opportunity to advance his initiatives on crime and public safety if the Republican wins the neck-and-neck governor’s race on Tuesday.

“He doesn’t even have to lobby the Republicans. They are all on his side when it comes to crime and bail reform, NYPD and all this stuff,” said one close Adams ally. “The two or three times he went up to Albany he had no issues with the Republicans. They’re all with him. The only issues he has are with these people who want to defund to the police.” [….]

A second longtime Democrat with ties to the mayor noted that “Zeldin would give [Adams] more free rein in New York City from a leadership perspective and they would be able to tag team the far left together.

“Eric Adams and his inside City Hall leadership team . . . wouldn’t be upset with a Zeldin win because it will help the mayor in changing bail reform in the next legislative session. [….]

A third source, a longtime City Council insider with ties to the mayor, said “Many of [Adams’ people] are pulling for Lee Zeldin, because they agree with him on a number of issues.

“There’s even a few Council members who are Democrats and privately snicker that they will be voting for Zeldin — some of whom have endorsed Hochul. I would swear on a bible on this.”


When Hochul can’t even deflect enough to convince die-hard liberals, when even the NYC mayor would rather her opponent win–when the truth about crime is just that bad–you know that the Democrats and Hochul are going to be in big trouble come Tuesday.

Moreover, it isn’t only going to be in New York because this is a problem across the country. The voters are going to hold the Democrats in power responsible at the ballot box.


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