Hobbs Gets Leveled by ABC for Not Debating, but Their Spin on Kari Lake Is Shameful

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Katie Hobbs has been losing a lot of ground in the Arizona gubernatorial race to Kari Lake because she’s refused to debate her opponent. She hasn’t provided any reasonable excuse for ducking it, so it just looks, rightly, like she’s afraid because of Lake’s prodigious communication abilities. Meanwhile, Hobbs sounds a lot like a baffled 12-year-old girl, so not exactly an encouraging figure for whom to vote.


We’ve seen her running from journalists, with the Democrats pulling out desperate and questionable tactics to try to help their cause.

Hobbs has been doing interviews, likely hoping that she will get an assist in her quest for the office from the liberal media. But even that hasn’t been going particularly well for her. As we reported, she went on CNN where they asked her about debating and she claimed that was what she was doing by going on CNN without Lake there. Lake then issued her a “Dr. Seuss” challenge to debate her anywhere, making Hobbs look even worse.

But her failure to give any reasonable answer meant that she was going to be asked about it in every subsequent interview as she was on ABC on Sunday. Her response was much like Joe Biden’s responses when he’s challenged — he just wants to dismiss reality. Her response was as far as she was concerned, the “debate about debates is over.”

As far as she’s concerned? So shut up, you folks from Arizona and elsewhere who think she should have to argue her policies, she doesn’t think you have any right to see that. “I’m going to continue to make the case to voters,” she claimed. While avoiding giving them a chance to truly evaluate her abilities.

The ABC interviewer T.J. Holmes said that at worst it could look like she’s “scared to step on that stage.” “At best, you’re not willing to confront,” he said. “We’re in a new era where, where sometimes, some politicians are seen as bullies. And we’ve been taught since we were little kids that you gotta stand up to a bully. You wouldn’t, you can understand how that might come across. How do you make a case, we want to send you to fight for us, but you wouldn’t even step on stage with her.” Hobbs claimed she had stood up to this “bully” for the past two years.


So now one is a bully if your Democratic opponent is too scared to debate you? How much more of a spin can they try to do for her here? Do they truly think that people in Arizona are going to fall for that kind of a take? It just makes Hobbs look even worse if that’s possible at this point.

The red wave is coming for Hobbs in Arizona, and this kind of media effort to recast Lake as the bad guy isn’t going to stop it.


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