Kari Lake's Team Busts Some Desperate Tactics by Dems

Kari Lake is coming on like gangbusters in her fight against Katie Hobbs in the gubernatorial race in Arizona. Not only does she have the lead, but people have quickly taken to her because of her way of leveling the Democrats and the liberal media.


While Katie Hobbs has been running away from debating and giving lame answers as to why she’s avoiding it, Lake issued a terrific challenge.

When Lake was confronted by liberal media about “election deniers,” she decimated them with a little truth.

I think it’s safe to say that Hobbs is in deep trouble in this race. She’s a bad candidate trying to push bad policies and hoping to get elected while refusing to debate and put her ideas out there for the citizens of Arizona to make a judgment about them and her. Meanwhile, Lake is a very talented candidate pushing things that people desperately want — like border security. No wonder Hobbs is scared of debating.

How desperate are the Democrats at this point in this race? They’re resorting to a tactic that is getting a lot of attention and backlash. The Kari Lake War Room team just busted the Progressive Turnout Project with what they are doing to get out the vote.


The text message says, “We’re paying Democrats like you $250/week to rally your friends and family to vote.”

Other people also reported getting similar texts.

This person got a $100 offer to “talk” with other Democrats about the election, with no mention of a “week.”

It’s illegal to pay for votes. It sounds like they’re tripping close to the line, covering themselves with weaselly words. But someone may want to take a look into exactly what’s going on here. You can hire people to work on a campaign but you can’t be giving anything out to anyone for how they vote.

When they’re resorting to these kinds of tactics, you know they know they’re in trouble. Lake is up by 1.6 points in the Real Clear Politics average, but I think the Democrats know that it’s more than that and this is likely to be a blowout.


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