New Poll Not Only Shows Good News for Election, but for the Health of Nation as Well

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The polls seem to be showing a lot of good things for Republicans right now.

One example of this trend is the new Harvard-Harris poll, which has some fascinating things in it that show why Democrats are going to be in big trouble in the November elections. But even more than the midterms, I think it bodes well for the country; because there are signs that the radical nature of the Democrats is driving more people to the center or the right in this poll, as well.


Most respondents — 57 percent — say their financial situation is worsening. Also, 84 percent disagree with Joe Biden and think we are in a recession right now. Approval of Biden’s management on issues was weak across the board. Meanwhile, GOP approval has risen in the last four months – by four points – to 49 percent; Democrat approval is only at 46 percent. President Donald Trump is the most favored politician.

Political writer Eddie Zipperer hit on some of the highlights of the poll in an illuminating Twitter thread. He noted how the police are the third most highly thought of institution, 24 points ahead of the FBI, 33 ahead of the DOJ, and 84 points higher than Antifa. This would explain why Democrats have been running away from their support of defunding the police. Unfortunately for them, Americans remember who was behind that.

Inflation, the economy, and immigration are the top three issues for voters, in that order. They’re the top issues voters think that the GOP cares about. Meanwhile, voters see Democrats as disconnected on the issues–and the voters think the top three issues Democrats care about aren’t the top issues voters care about.


On top issues facing the country, people said they were more likely to vote for GOP on those issues with inflation (GOP+12), crime (GOP+12), and immigration (GOP+11). They didn’t have the economy in that particular graph of “How will each of the following issues affect your vote in the midterms for Congress.” Crime is the fourth most important issue to voters, according to the poll.

One of the highlights of the poll was this stunner.

If 64 percent think the problem is woke politicians and even the majority of Democrats get it, that means Americans are right on top of what’s going on.

Voters are more attracted by the Republican platform that involved law and order, and putting breaks on government spending versus the Democratic platform of subsidized electric cars, subsidized college loans, and pardoned marijuana offenders.


60 percent were in favor of this, including 45 percent of Democrats.

The poll showed that while Democrats are always screaming about “threats to democracy,” 36 percent of the GOP think Joe Biden’s election was illegitimate, and 32 percent of Democrats think Trump’s election was illegitimate.

55 percent of Americans have doubts about Joe Biden’s fitness, and 68 percent think Biden is too old. I’ve written about this before, and it’s not going away as a big issue.

In a hypothetical match-up, Trump beats both Biden (45 to 43 percent) and Kamala Harris (49 to 38 percent).

Most blame Biden for inflation, don’t have faith in how the Democrats are dealing with it, and 43 percent said that’s pushing them more toward the Republicans.

54 percent oppose the energy and gas policies of the Biden administration. 80 percent think that lower gasoline prices and energy independence should be emphasized over higher gasoline prices and climate change.

62 percent hold Biden responsible for the energy problems; 65 percent are for increasing our output, and are against lifting sanctions on Venezuela and Iran.

42 percent think Biden’s foreign policy is pushing them more toward Republicans.

The majority think the student loan bailout should have been done with Congressional authorization, and 41 percent said Biden’s action was more likely to make them vote for Republicans.


A plurality of voters also said abortion laws should be set by the states. There are a lot of eye-openers here, but that caps it off and shows that the American people, at least as shown in this poll, have their heads screwed on straight.

That’s good for America–and great news for Republicans in this poll


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