Biden's Interview With Jake Tapper Is a Festival of Delusion

On Tuesday, Joe Biden did an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN. It was a festival of delusion, with Joe Biden propounding on a variety of topics, much of what he had to say not girded in reality.


Tapper asked Biden about the infamous comment that he made at a Democratic fundraiser last week — that we were at the closest threat to nuclear “Armageddon” since 1962 and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The White House had to walk that back and numerous members of the Biden administration said that there was no intel to suggest that the threat was imminent.

Now, Biden got a lot of people who don’t know his history of exaggeration concerned when he said that. But to Tapper, he claimed that he didn’t think that Vladimir Putin was going to use nukes but that it was irresponsible for Putin to talk about it.

If he didn’t think Putin was going to do it, it was also irresponsible for Biden to exaggerate the threat, yet he seems to have no concern about that.

Tapper asks a good question: Might what Biden said about Armageddon not have the opposite effect — might it not boost Putin’s threat by Biden’s reaction? Biden of course doesn’t seem to understand that possibility.


Biden also claimed that when he was talking about it, he was “talking to Putin.” Um, no, he wasn’t. He was talking at a private event for Democratic donors. Is one of them Putin? If not, then what he’s saying here is a bit delusional.

Biden then goes on to talk about the economy and say that he doesn’t think there will be a recession, “There’s no guarantee that there’s gonna be a recession—I don’t think there will be a recession. If it is, it will be a slight recession. That is, we’ll move down slightly.”

This again is delusional. We are already in a recession according to all normal assessments, not the Biden team’s Orwellian effort to redefine the term. The definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. We’ve had that. He can wish upon a star and hope it’s not happening, but unfortunately, he brought us here and he can’t deny it because he wants to avoid saying it before the midterms.


Biden tried to talk about the legislation he’d gotten passed, including some to deal with climate change. See if you can figure out what amount he says they passed to deal with it because he can’t seem to make up his mind as to how much it was, “a billion a trillion 750 million dollars billion dollars.”

What the heck?

As Biden continued to talk about the legislation he’d passed, he dropped his notes and Tapper had to help him. That meant he didn’t know what he was going to say so he ended up confusing the American Rescue Plan with the Inflation Reduction Act.

Of course, neither help reduce inflation, they both make it worse and the Inflation Reduction Act is just a reworked Green New Deal-lite.

Tapper brought up his son Hunter and the report that tax and gun charges might be coming. Tapper doesn’t nail Biden with all the facts that are out there, not even Biden’s definitive lying about not discussing his son’s business with him, even though he’s met with at least 14 business associates of Hunter in what appeared to be influence-peddling actions.


Biden’s response? “I’m proud of my son,” he said. “I’m confident that what he says and does are consistent with what happens.” Huh? Hunter may be more coherent than Joe at this point. Joe says Hunter admitted that he said “no” on the gun form in his book. Sounds like an admission to me. Thanks for mentioning that, Joe. But the elephant in the room that both Joe Biden and Jake Tapper were avoiding is that there is so much more to the story, including all the foreign dealings, potential influence peddling, and Joe Biden’s involvement.

Finally, Biden claimed that “The vast majority of the American people do like what I got done.”

No, they don’t, that’s why he’s the most unpopular guy in the office in history, with his approval in the basement since last August, since he showed what a mess he was with the debacle in Afghanistan. He’s like the little kid who sticks his finger in his ears and shouts, “I am popular, I am!” even as none of the other kids want to play with him because he’s a drip. But as we reported, most Americans think he has mental issues, including most Democrats. He’s also a huge albatross for the Democrats in the elections because he’s so underwater in approval in the battleground states.


Biden was likely trying to swing votes to the Democrats before the elections, but I think it only reinforced that he’s not fit.


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