Dems in Big Trouble in Senate Battleground States Because of Biden

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We’ve been covering a lot of data points that are moving in the direction of the Republicans just about a month before the midterm election. We see a Republican likely to win a House seat in Rhode Island — a deep-blue state — that hasn’t had a Republican in the position in 30 years. We also see Democrats saying they are up against it when it comes to money. They have to cover so many races where the Republicans are either winning or gaining. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has confessed they’re going to have to abandon some races monetarily which could cost them the House.


While the Democrats are in trouble in the House races, they’re also having a difficult time in the Senate races. One of the reasons is the unpopularity of Joe Biden. We’ve seen members of Congress trying to duck appearing with him because they know that he’s still largely poison.

Take Democrat Cheri Beasley in the Friday night debate for the North Carolina Senate seat with Ted Budd. She does all she can to avoid answering that specific question about Biden.

There’s a reason that she’s avoiding the question. It’s because Joe Biden is 13 points underwater in North Carolina, according to the Civiqs poll.

That’s the big data point here — that in the critical battleground states where people are slugging it out for the Senate, Biden — and therefore the Democrats — are in a big hole. How he is doing is a classic measure of judgment for the midterms, and in those critical states, he’s in a lot of trouble.

Biden’s average approval rating in seven of the top Senate swing states is underwater by an average of 15 points, a key midterm election bellwether metric Democrats fear come November 8.

According to Civiqs, Biden has a negative approval rating in the following swing states: Arizona (-18), Georgia (-20), Nevada (-17), New Hampshire (-1), Ohio (-24), Pennsylvania (-13), and Wisconsin (-13). Not included in the calculation are Biden’s approval ratings in Florida (-15), Colorado (-8), or Alaska (-21).


That’s the reason Biden hasn’t been out there, for the most part, campaigning for Senate or House candidates.

Biden has only traveled to 46 cities and held 11 fundraisers during the 2022 midterm cycle, according to Air Force One logs. Those numbers are contrasted with former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, who campaigned far more for their respective parties in the 2018 and 2010 midterms.

Biden’s policies at the border and on energy are also doing in the Senate candidates as we saw in the debate between Blake Masters and Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ). Masters destroyed Kelly with one line on the border on his failure to do anything to stop the Biden open borders.

“First, [Biden and Kelly] declared war on oil and gas. Well, what’d they think was going to happen?” Masters asked. “When you declare war on oil and gas in a country that is still mostly powered by oil and gas, you think that’s going to send the price of energy to the moon? Well, yeah, it did.”

“They took gas from two dollars to six dollars. Now they want a prize because it’s back in the five dollars. When you make energy too expensive – everything you need to live takes energy to make or to move – you make energy expensive, you get some inflation.”


Kelly was left hanging out to dry.

When people go into the voting booth, they’re going to be voting with their pocketbook which Joe Biden has left empty after robbing them blind. Those negative approval numbers in those swing states are going to loom very large for most people. It’s going to support that red wave.


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