Chris Murphy Calls for 'Consequences' for Saudi Arabia, Accidentally Throws Biden Under the Bus

Let’s face it. The United States has historically had alliances all around the world with some governments that have a lot of issues, such as Saudi Arabia. In their case, we have a relationship with them that is because of our interest in oil and that they are a counterweight to Iran. Under President Donald Trump, as he worked for peace in the Middle East, he had a lot of success with Saudi Arabia and brought them closer to Israel.


But as with so many other things, Joe Biden seems to have blown up that relationship as well. He termed them a pariah nation then went begging for oil from them, fist-bumping Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). Saudi Arabia then accused him of not telling the truth about the interaction and MBS scolded him for his bad energy policies. Now OPEC has cut production by two million barrels a day, essentially flipping Biden the bird. So Biden is going to continue to steal from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and he’s lifting sanctions on Venezuela to get their oil.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) did an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” during which Tapper brought up Biden’s problems with Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

Tapper wasn’t shy about pointing out how Biden’s team didn’t support what Biden said about “Armageddon” because of an imminent nuclear threat from Russia. As we reported, the White House walked back his remarks, showing that Biden was exaggerating once again and that he’s not in charge. Murphy also undercut Biden saying he didn’t see any imminent issue either but tried to spin it as there’s always a “risk.”


They then moved on to the topic of Saudi Arabia, with Tapper making the same point I have — that they flipped Biden the bird on oil production. Tapper said Biden gave MBS “legitimacy” by meeting with him. Murphy called for a “wholesale reevaluation” of our relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Now, they didn’t do it regarding 9/11 but they’re going to do it because they flipped off Biden? When Biden called them a “pariah nation” — perhaps that enters into the Saudis’ thoughts? They also have to be concerned about the oil market so to accuse them outright of aligning themselves with Russia only jacks up the rhetoric and makes it worse.

All this, at a time when Iran is killing its citizens. Murphy says we should be doing everything to signal that we are supportive of the protesters. But the Democrats will go after Saudi Arabia — the counter-balance to Iran — while Biden is still trying to reenter the nuclear deal with Iran. What kind of sense does that even make? But that’s Joe Biden, always wrong on foreign policy (not to mention everything else) for the past forty years.

But Murphy’s comments come down to oil when it comes to Saudi Arabia. The Democrats are ticked off that they flipped off Joe Biden. But the Saudis are always going to look out for their own interests. Meanwhile, we aren’t looking out for ours — Joe Biden has flipped off our energy industry. That’s why we have a problem. We were a net exporter under Trump, we are now begging all over the place under Biden, with Americans suffering the result in their wallets. We didn’t have to be beholden to anyone. But Biden and the Democrats threw all that under the bus.


Murphy wants “consequences” for Saudi Arabia not standing by us. How about consequences for Biden not standing by us? We can deliver some of those consequences at the voting booth in November.


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