Astonishing New Poll Reveals How Many Americans Including Dems Think Biden Has Mental Issues

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden has had problems since before he got into office with incoherence and mental issues. But it seems to be getting progressively worse. Every week, heck, virtually every day, examples show there’s a problem.


Perhaps the telling thing of late was Biden looking for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) in the audience at an event, asking “Where’s Jackie” when he had made a memorial statement about her death just a month before.

Biden didn’t even realize what was wrong with what he said. Then on top of it, the White House pretended that what he said wasn’t a problem.

There are so many things from Biden getting lost and wandering off to exaggerating the imminence of a possible threat of nuclear Armageddon. We can only imagine what potential problems that could cause if he has the nuclear codes. It’s extremely worrisome that this is the guy we have out there in charge, meeting with world leaders.

But it’s not just us noticing it here. According to a new poll from Issues & Insights/TIPP, the number of Americans who are worried about Joe Biden’s mental health has jumped from 59 percent to 64 percent in the last two months. That’s nearly two-thirds of Americans thinking he’s mentally not well. Most of that increase has come from Democrats, who may finally be getting it.


“Virtually all of October’s gain came from Democrats, who went from just 39% expressing ‘concern’ over Biden’s mental health in August, a high number in itself, to 52% in the latest poll. Let that sink in: A majority of Democrats now also think Biden possibly has mental health issues,” said the survey analysis.

86 percent of Republicans were concerned, while 59 percent of independents were concerned.

What are Democrats going to do about this?

The findings could reinforce reports that some leaders in the Democratic Party are hopeful that Biden will step aside and not run for reelection, though they have no obvious replacement. Vice President Kamala Harris remains down in approval polls, and the choice for many Democrats, former first lady Michelle Obama, has ruled out a run.

The survey analysis suggested that it may be time for Biden to undergo a mental competency test, as former President Donald Trump did — and passed.


So most Americans, even most Democrats believe there’s a problem. Yet here we are, the Democrats in power are still avoiding the question. It’s all on Democrats that we’ve been put in this untenable position.

Now if I were to be cynical I would say that there was always a backup plan: replace him after the midterms. But as was noted above, Kamala’s approval is as bad as his, and she has her issues. So that’s not making anyone happy, which is why you see folks like Gavin Newsom trying to position himself in the background. They probably think they can get him to resign rather than go through a 25th Amendment situation. But that whole fight for power is likely coming.


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