Kamala Gets Blasted for Her Incredible Hypocrisy in Remarks on Pot

As we reported, Joe Biden announced that he would be declaring mass pardons for those found guilty of certain federal marijuana offenses. This of course is an effort at trying to buy votes before the midterms, just as his illegal attempt to bail out student loan debt is.


Kamala Harris mentioned that during supremely hypocritical remarks.

“And speaking of the system of justice,” Harris said. “We are also changing — y’all might have heard that this week — the federal government’s approach to marijuana. Because the bottom line there is nobody should have to go to jail for smoking weed.”

Now you notice the accent, including the “y’all” — not her normal way of speaking. Sounds like she’s pandering to the audience.

But what’s truly ironic and hypocritical is that while she was the California Attorney General and the San Francisco District Attorney, she oversaw thousands of prosecutions for marijuana. She was also against the legalization of pot, until fairly recently when she seemed to flip about four years ago when it became more politically popular.

Tulsi Gabbard famously lit her up during the presidential debate for putting people in jail and then laughing about it.

It’s one of the reasons some on the left despise Kamala.

Many blasted Kamala for her hypocrisy.

San Francisco Republican Party Chairman John Dennis — who is challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her seat in Congress — called out the vice president in a tweet, saying, “Shameless. As California Attorney General Harris sent people to jail for …smoking weed.”

“The hypocrisy is staggering,” actor Matthew Marsden added.

U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Meuser (R-CA) pointed out: “Clearly, Kamala has forgotten her legacy in California.”


She was against it before she was for it.

It also should be noted that while Biden made that announcement about marijuana, it wouldn’t apply to most of the people convicted for simple marijuana possession because most are convicted on state charges. If they are convicted on federal charges it usually involves other charges as well so it wouldn’t necessarily apply. So it wouldn’t apply to anyone in prison because of Kamala Harris because those would have been state charges. So again, it’s mostly about Biden — and Harris– attempting to pander for votes.


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