Jan. 6 Committee Admits Abject Defeat With Latest Action

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

In my opinion, the Jan. 6 Committee has had two main aims that have nothing to do with the riot, justice, or “threats to democracy.”

It’s always been about trying to damage President Donald Trump so that he can’t run or win again, and to hurt the Republicans’ chances in the midterms.


If you understand it through that lens, then you know that they are largely admitting defeat on one of those major goals with their latest action.

Committee Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MI) said that they would not be putting out a report until after the election. They will be having a hearing this week on October 13. They haven’t had a hearing since July.

“We might release some interim information, but the final report will come after the election,” Thompson told Just the News. “We have a lot of information that we haven’t shared with the public that wouldn’t necessarily necessitate a witness.”

Now, obviously, if they had anything that they could even spin for their goal, they would be trying to ram it home before the election in their report. But they’re not and they have just one meeting left. To me, that means they’ve got nothing, not even something they can twist into a pretzel to meet their goal.

Instead of concentrating on the Committee, the renegade and rejected Republican — Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) — has been spending her time attacking Republicans, trying to use Jan. 6 against Republicans.


But polls keep showing Cheney and her Democratic comrades have failed — that for most people — Jan. 6 isn’t even on their radar of election issues. Indeed, that’s why Cheney lost, because that was all she focused on, rather than what people were truly concerned about, which is inflation, crime, and illegal immigration. The issues that Democrats have been trying to whip up including abortion are all far down the list.

That shows just how much this effort has failed. It was predictable that it would fail because it was political from the start and Americans got that. Polls have shown that it wasn’t changing Americans’ minds on the matter. At best it was juicing up the Democratic base with conspiracy theories. But they were going to vote for Democrats anyway. They needed to touch the independents and they didn’t.


The fact that they’re over after the election also says it all right there. That tells you exactly what they were all about. Can they be much more transparent about their political aims?

But we’re seeing with the predictions for the Senate and the House all going toward the Republicans, just how much they flamed out in their futile effort. It’s going to be fun on election night to see the gnashing of teeth that ensues.


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