Poll Reveals Just How Much the Jan. 6 Committee Has Failed

The Democrats don’t have too many options left to try to sway the midterms.

They tried the abortion gambit with anger over the Dobbs decision. That hasn’t worked.


They have tried to prime the outrage meter by demonizing the “ultra MAGA” crowd, as well as going after Donald Trump and other Republicans with the Jan. 6 Committee.

How much time and money have they wasted on that to push their political agenda as opposed to doing the work of the people that they are supposed to be doing? I do hope we get an account of the money. Prior polls and ratings have shown that people are largely not watching.

But there’s a new Monmouth poll out showing just how much that Democratic effort has failed.

89 percent of the respondents said that the hearings haven’t changed their opinion of the matter. So they didn’t manage to sway people with their claims. Indeed, if anything, it went in the opposite direction, with only 38 percent of the respondents thinking Trump was responsible for what had occurred on Jan. 6 versus 42 percent before the hearings. 58 percent said either he was not directly responsible (26 percent) or he did nothing wrong (32 percent).

More than 8 in 10 Republicans still have a favorable opinion of Trump, and that’s held steady since November 2020 and 40 percent of the respondents would back him if he ran again.

As George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley observed:

What was really striking was the response to a prompt stating “Some say that the Jan. 6 committee’s main aim is to ensure President Trump can’t run in 2024.” Sixty percent agreed with that statement, including 62 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of Republicans. That view was reinforced by the baffling decision of Chairman Thompson, Vice Chair Cheney and other members to repeatedly end hearings with calls to oppose Trump in the coming election. It was hardly subtle.

The lack of impact of the hearings is, in my opinion, due to two threshold decisions of the Democrats. First, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others decided that the Committee would focus on reinforcing “a narrative” rather than follow prior investigatory commissions with an open and balanced inquiry.

After bringing in a television producer, the hearings showed members reading off teleprompters and witnesses confined in limited roles of reaffirming what members were declaring about the riot. There was no effort to present alternative interpretations or viewpoints. It played into criticism of a “show trial” environment–an image that was magnified by Cheney declaring in the last hearing that Trump family and associates had come forward to “confess” and encouraging others to do the same.


Not to mention that the Committee kept promising smoking gun evidence and then provided nothing.

So great job there, guys, your biased effort did nothing except show people your bias. Everyone gets how political it is, even Democrats. Talk about Democrats crashing and burning.


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