Liberals Go Over the Edge With Unhinged Take on Casey DeSantis and 'Handmaid's Tale'

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At this point, I think I’ve lost track of all the crazy conspiracy theories and hot takes from the left. If you read leftist Twitter (and I have to, and it can fry your brain), you know how wild it can be. The fact that you have a substantial portion of them agitating to dig up Ivanka Trump because they believe President Donald Trump buried top secret documents in her coffin (yes, there are blue-check Democrats and influencers who push this) shows you just how delusional they can be. I previously wrote how that group included General Hospital actress Nancy Lee Grahn.


But while they are definitely out of their mind when it comes to Trump, they are becoming equally as whacked out when it comes to Ron DeSantis and by extension, his wife, Casey.

How desperate are they? Writer Tara Dublin even wrote a story about how Casey DeSantis was right out of “The Handmaid’s Tale” because…wait for it…she wore a green dress.

The origin story contained in The Handmaid’s Tale (SPOILER ALERT) is the religious crazy people slaughtered all of Congress and then instilled their culty Biblical rules on everyone else (stop me if you’ve heard something similar before). Everyone in Gilead has a title, a specific role, and a monochrome uniform to identify them to the world. The Handmaids are in those striking red nun-type habits. The Commanders wear uniforms. And the Wives all wear dresses in various restrictive styles in a horrible green color, as in the photo of Serena Joy and Commander Waterford, above. Now, look at this very recent picture of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his wife, Casey.


She called Casey DeSantis “thirsty” and the rubber white boots she was wearing because the area was flooded Dublin termed “white go-go boots” — a ridiculous sexist shot to make about galoshes.

She threw out this nasty and false shot.

Casey seemingly wants an all-white country and she wants to oversee from our White House as First Lady Macbeth-lite.

Now, as our friends at Twitchy note, Dublin is known for creating the hashtag #HottieAvenatti, so you know there are some problems there, even before the nutty take on DeSantis. I’m thinking she has the wrong assessment as to who is “thirsty” in this equation.

Dublin wasn’t the only one on the left that went around the bend with this take, there were quite a few, once they got it started.

When they think Ron DeSantis is a fascist, they are not serious people.

Casey DeSantis’ dress wasn’t even the same type of dress or the same color, but hey, why have an accurate analogy since they were going over the edge with it anyway?


But folks on the right had some fun mocking the delusion here.

It’s pretty sad that they spend all their time spinning a dress. Just like they spend all their time with Trump living rent-free in their heads. It’s a sad existence. Meanwhile, Casey DeSantis who seems to have a happy deal with her husband and her kids is living her best life.


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