Unhinged: Liberals Imply Trump Should Be Executed and Suggest Ivana Be Dug Up

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

The reaction of the left to the raid on President Donald Trump’s home is a window into how truly around the bend they have gone, with their obsession and hatred of Trump.


Remember when Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned that the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday” of getting back at Trump for doing things that they didn’t like?

Then we saw how 51 former members of the intelligence community inserted themselves into the 2020 election with a letter that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was likely Russian disinformation. Former Director of the CIA Michael Hayden was part of that group.

If you thought that was bad enough, Hayden is now agreeing with MSNBC contributor, presidential historian, and rabid Trump hater Michael Beschloss that execution — what happened to the Rosenbergs — sounds “about right” after reports that the documents sought in the Trump raid might include those about nuclear weapons.


Now, of course, it’s a good posture to always doubt such “sources” reports when they pertain to Trump. But once again, the left dives right in and delivers all the unhinged takes. They don’t just want to lock him up and prevent him from holding office again (which would throw them out of control) — they’re implying they want him dead, too. Imagine putting out this kind of rhetoric and acting like that’s normal, that it’s not completely unhinged.

But insane as that take was about executing a former president, that was bumping up another claim that may have been just as nuts. There are Trump-obsessed people on the left spreading a new conspiracy theory. They have so many it’s hard to keep up. The new conspiracy is disgusting and pertains to Ivana Trump. They’re spreading the thought that somehow Trump may have hidden documents in Ivana Trump’s coffin.

Here’s Nancy Lee Grahn, an actress for decades on the soap opera General Hospital.


Frank Sinatra’s daughter is on that train too.

Let’s not forget about Kathy Griffin.

How can these people think like this? This is what the leftist media has done to these people — they believe the crazy talking points about Trump and all the lies that have been pushed. This is next-level lunacy.


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