Lauren Boebert Conducts a Masterful Troll of Joe Biden and the Left

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On Friday, I reported on Joe Biden’s visit to a Volvo powertrain plant in Hagerstown, Maryland. He showed how he doesn’t just have a problem with coherence, he also has a problem with math.


That was widely reported in conservative media. But typically, liberal media missed it. This means that most people on the left who just consume MSNBC weren’t aware of it. They’re not aware of most of Biden’s incoherence and gaffes because a lot of it isn’t reported on in the media they watch. But it means they’re truly clueless when it comes to reality and how bad Joe Biden has gotten.

So Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) conducted a masterful troll proving this very point, not to mention getting in a “Let’s go, Brandon,” as well.

Did anyone bite on it? Oh, yeah. She bagged a ton of fish.

She got Mr. Sulu, who is constantly on Twitter defending Biden and the liberal narrative.

Here’s the former National Finance Chair of “Draft Biden,” John Cooper. No wonder Joe Biden can’t count.


Despite both Cooper and Takei being constantly on Twitter, neither seemed to have a clue.

Clueless actress:

Former Politico journalist:

A number of Democratic politicians.

This guy took a swipe at Boebert’s education, claiming that there should be “minimum educational background requirements for members of Congress.”

How about educational, coherence, and honesty requirements for the highest office in the land? If there had been some, Joe Biden would never have gotten in.


What does it say about these folks on the left who are so incredibly ignorant about their guy but are so convinced they are right about people on the right like Boebert? This is the liberal response all rolled up in one. What was it that Ronald Reagan used to say about Democrats? He once observed, “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” They all attacked Boebert for being stupid and a moron, yet they would fall over themselves to excuse Biden who is the person who truly did this. Once they find out that it’s Biden, they go quiet. Any chance they learn anything from this? Probably not. But this is why some are completely in a bubble when it comes to Biden.


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