Former Obama Adviser Demolishes Joe Biden's Energy Moves With Simple Truth


Gas prices are starting to creep up again. Despite Joe Biden going hat in hand to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil production, OPEC gave him the finger and announced that they would be cutting production by two million barrels a day. Joe’s response? He’s going to continue to empty the Strategic Petroleum Reserve by 10 million barrels when it’s already at dangerously low levels and pretend like that’s doing something besides robbing our security for the future. He’s also canceling sanctions on the dictatorial state of Venezuela (who cares about human rights?) so that they can pump more and give some to us.


So Biden is willing to go to other countries — no matter how horrible he claims those countries are — to beg for oil but he won’t drop the restrictions on oil production in this country, so we can be energy independent again. He won’t acknowledge how he’s attacked energy production from day one in office, doing things like canceling the Keystone Pipeline. It was half-built. Had that not been canceled, it was scheduled to be finished this year and to begin operations in early 2023. The obvious answer would be to ensure our production, but he won’t do that. President Donald Trump made us a net energy exporter, but Biden has made us a beggar and endangered our national security in the process.

Meanwhile, rather than hold Biden to account, you have some in the liberal media, like MSNBC, pushing conspiracy theories about OPEC’s move rather than pushing Biden with questions about why he doesn’t just unleash our production.

Former Obama adviser Larry Summers appeared on Wall Street Week on Friday and he just demolished Joe Biden and the Democrats’ attack on energy.

“We made a mistake by canceling the Keystone pipeline,” Summers exclaimed. “We made a mistake by slowing down all kinds of permitting activity. We made a mistake by being hostile as a country to natural gas.”


What an evisceration that is. The only thing I would disagree with was it wasn’t a mistake, Biden and the Democrats did it intentionally, to push us precipitously to an anti-energy, green posture. I give Summers credit for being honest and being willing to call out Biden and the Democrats on issues like this — so few Democrats are. But Biden should be the one admitting this, not Summers. Biden was the “mistake” that many people made. We had someone who understood the economy and the importance of energy independence. Now, we now have someone whose elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top and who seems bent on doing what will hurt America.



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