Biden Reveals Shameful New 'Plan' to Address Oil Production

Joe Biden went to the Saudi government — the same government he termed a “pariah” — hat-in-hand to beg OPEC to pump more oil.

It was a an embarrassing display, especially when he tossed away our energy independence.


But not only did Biden’s begging not produce any real benefits, but OPEC has now decided to cut two million barrels a day in production instead. And this is happening as gas prices have already started rising again in the United States.It’s also likely to worsen inflation once again. OPEC’s move is effectively giving the finger to Joe Biden.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made things worse by saying that it was clear that OPEC was “aligning with Russia.” I’m sure that’s going to work well for relations in the future. Biden just keeps digging that hole deeper.

This leaves Biden in a panic as to what to do. They had been planning to stop robbing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve on October 31, but now, they are going to continue to rob it.


They call this plundering “historic,” acting as though it’s a good thing. It is “historic” — as in the most shameful thing to do for the political gain to help Democrats in the midterms, while throwing away our nation’s long-term security. The Reserve is supposed to be for emergencies, not to help the Democrats’ political fortunes.

Biden himself called OPEC’s move a “disappointment” in the video below, where he again lies about why he went to Saudi Arabia, to minimize how he got stomped on by the Saudis. I think he says, “They’re a problem,” and then he smirks weirdly and backs away, like Homer Simpson into the bushes.

If it was about strengthening our position, he failed miserably at that, as well.

But that isn’t all. Biden is also reaching out to have more oil produced. Not by alleviating restrictions in this country, mind you. That would make too much sense, and be in the interests of our country. So, he can’t do that. Instead, he’s lifting sanctions on the Communist oppressors in Venezuela, which would allow Chevron to produce more oil. It’s an unreal move, when you consider he would rather enrich and empower our enemies and oppressive government than simply empower our own country to produce more. He’d trade OPEC dependence, and dependence on Russian oil, for dependence on Communists for oil.


So, they don’t care about the oppression of the people or empowering Communist dictators; they don’t care that it isn’t as clean as what we would produce in this country–so, it doesn’t even serve their green energy nuttiness. It’s only always (and only) about what they need to do to hold onto power.


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