Adam Kinzinger Admits He's a Hack, Deletes Most Embarrassing Tweet in Bizarre Tirade

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As my colleague Bonchie wrote earlier, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) dove off Pike’s Peak in a bizarre rant, saying Ukrainians appreciated life, while attacking pro-lifers. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry; you’re right, because what he said didn’t make any sense either.


When Dan McLaughlin (a former RedState contributor) asked him what being pro-life had to do with Ukraine, Kinzinger appeared to claim that “you all” defend Putin. That of course is a ridiculous comment to make about pro-life people and, in particular, about McLaughlin, who is a staunch supporter of Ukraine.

Our Joe Cunningham blasted Kinzinger with the truth.

Then Kinzinger showed Joe was right about what a garbage person he was, by admitting that was true– yet continuing the nonsensical attacks on pro-lifers.

So, for the people who think he’s just about attacking President Donald Trump: no, guys, this guy is a bizarre whack job. How do you even begin to make an argument that “pro-life” equates to support for Vladimir Putin? And why would you do that, much less when claiming you’re “pro-life”? While you might have someone in the vast group of people who are pro-life who does support Putin, it isn’t any kind of a parameter or part of being pro-life. And questioning the vast, unlimited money that the Biden Administration — with the approval of Republicans — is pouring into Ukraine, doesn’t make you “pro-Putin”; it makes you concerned about where our money is going, because it isn’t going to our interests here. That’s not “defending Putin”–that’s defending the best interests of the United States and its people. Something that Kinzinger is supposed to be doing but isn’t, when he throws in with the Democrats.


But Kinzinger wasn’t quite done yet. A Twitter user blasted his “conserving conservatism” by using this moment to blast pro-lifers like a Democratic activist. Then Kinzinger agreed.

There you go — there’s the money shot admission: yes, he’s acknowledging that he’s behaving like a Democratic activist. That’s the explanation here — not the Trump hate. When it walks like a duck, as they say, when what he’s doing is serving the Democratic cause.

Of course, Kinzinger deleted that tweet — perhaps the most embarrassing one — along with some of his other embarrassing tweets. But the internet is forever, Adam.

Both he and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) are going to be out the door in January, and the country will be so much the better for it–because they’re both just lost, sad people who destroyed themselves.


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