Adam Kinzinger 'Drunk-Tweets' His Way Into Total Embarrassment

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Adam Kinzinger is probably going to wake up on Sunday morning with a massive hangover because he spent all of Saturday night appearing to drunk-tweet his way into total embarrassment.


Kinzinger, who is primarily known for crying at House committee hearings, beclowning himself on cable news, and having the Ukrainian flag ahead of the American flag in his Twitter handle, decided to take a shot at pro-lifers. Things just went downhill from there, and when I say downhill, I mean he strapped on skates and dove off Pikes Peak.

We’ll just start from the beginning.

Things get far worse, but even with this first entry, Kinzinger does his best to make no sense at all. Polls consistently show that the majority of Republicans support sending military aid to Ukraine. That’s even more true regarding Republican elected officials. Even then, the vast majority of people who want more accountability in regard to the money being spent are not “pro-Russian.” The subset of those on the right who actively support Vladimir Putin is tiny and irrelevant.

Further, as has been explained ad nauseam to bad-faith actors everywhere who want to appropriate the term for the “current thing,” being “pro-life” is about abortion. It is not about the death penalty. It is not about housing for the homeless. It is not about the war in Ukraine. It is about not killing innocent babies.

Besides, last I checked, Kinzinger, while claiming to be “pro-life,” sure has little to nothing to say about the issue to his Democrat friends. In fact, he’s locked arms and allied with people who support abortion up to birth without even a hint of criticism. So yeah, none of us will be taking lessons on being pro-life from him.


Regardless, I said it gets worse, and I’m going to deliver. The ball really got rolling after Dan McLaughlin (a former RedState contributor) asked Kinzinger what the heck he was talking about.

McLaughlin’s question is more than fair. What does Putin using conscripts have to do with being pro-life in the United States? The obvious answer is nothing, but Kinzinger, being a man obsessed, must try to tie everything he doesn’t like to his political enemies. It’s a sign of mental weakness from a man who can’t otherwise articulate a comprehensible argument.

That leads to Kinzinger’s response, where he uses the phrase “you all” to accuse pro-life Americans of defending Vladimir Putin. McLaughlin is staunchly pro-Ukraine and has been for as long as I’ve known him. Again, though, the inability to form a coherent argument is the point. Kinzinger is legitimately an idiot, and he’s also a guy who has gotten way too high on his own supply. He can’t fathom that someone might agree with him on Ukraine yet still find his attacks nonsensical so he lashes out like he’s starring in Mean Girls.

At about that point, the replies challenging Kinzinger’s ridiculous assertion started pouring in. Of course, he then decided to push more chips into the middle because he’s incapable of self-reflection and any admission of failure.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this clown can’t even get his historical analogies right, nor that the only one who can ever come up with is to compare everything to Nazi Germany. Here’s a hint for the esteemed congressman: It’s not a 1938 moment if Russia has already invaded. Given Putin’s recent troubles after his initial advance, it’s more like a 1943 moment on the Eastern Front.

But I digress, the point here is that Kinzinger is just wrong about everything.

Thoroughly defeated, Kinzinger finally moved to do what all too-online reply guys do: He searched for one of McLaughlin’s followers who doesn’t like Ukraine.

As someone with a relatively small Twitter account compared to other political commentators (about 25,000 followers), the idea that I or anyone else is responsible for what random people post on the internet is not only insane, it’s downright fascist. Perhaps Kinzinger should look in the mirror as he proclaims a 1938 moment while sitting on a scam committee seeking to punish people for free speech. I’m just saying.


So what’s this really all about? When you boil it down, Kinzinger is both unhinged and an opportunist. His political career is over after his Democrat friends redistricted him out of Congress. In fact, one might even suspect his shift in the last several years was specifically meant to avoid that fate, but here we are. He’s got to have somewhere to go, right?

And that somewhere is a contributor gig over at MSNBC. Kinzinger is dancing for nickels. That’s the story behind all his most recent rantings. It’s not any more complicated than that.


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