DNC Chair Triples Down With Biden, Demonizing Millions of Americans as 'Semi-Fascist'

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Joe Biden ran on the promise of being a “unifier.” But as with many things about Biden, that was just one more lie.

Biden is now not just attacking Republican politicians or President Donald Trump, he’s attacking anyone who was a supporter of Trump, demonizing more than 70 million people as extremists, violent, and even “semi-fascists.” He said, “I don’t respect MAGA Republicans.” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was supposed to clean up after him, but she just doubled down on it.


Biden continued the attack, saying, “You know what I mean” when he was asked about his “semi-fascist” comment.

He even made it worse, saying MAGA people were intent on “destroying America.”

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison appeared on “Face the Nation” with Major Garrett. Garrett asked him about how Biden’s attacks fit with his promise to be a unifier during his inaugural address, “How does ‘semi-fascism’ as a label for the Republican Party fit with that inaugural address?”


From CBS News:

CHAIRMAN JAIME HARRISON: Well, the one thing that President Joe Biden has been is always been consistent, and he has always been somebody who does what my grandfather used to do, which is speak it plain, say it plain to the American people.

And what we see right now is a full frontal attack by these extreme MAGA Republicans in this country. And that extreme attack in our freedoms…

MAJOR GARRETT: And so you — you — Mr. Chairman, you embrace…

CHAIRMAN JAIME HARRISON: … freedoms as a people.

MAJOR GARRETT: Mr. Chairman, you embrace the rhetoric semi-fascism to describe the Republican Party?

CHAIRMAN JAIME HARRISON: Well, it’s not about the embracing. It’s calling what it is what it is.

The last thing Biden has been is consistent. He’s thrown everything over that he used to claim he believed in the Democrats’ desperate grab for power. But Harrison tripled down on this tactic. He attacked millions of Americans himself. So, this is not just Joe Biden or the White House; Democrats are fully embracing this tactic as well.

This is not only incredibly wrong, but it’s a very dangerous tactic, throwing fire on an already charged political environment. This may be about whipping up the base, but it’s also going to cost Democrats because Americans don’t like this kind of extremism. Americans can see this is the Democrats attacking Americans and it’s an ugly look. Democrats are digging themselves a big hole with this. It’s going to come back and bite them where it hurts.



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