White House Doubles Down on Biden's Attack on Millions of Americans, Makes It Even Worse

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On Thursday evening, Joe Biden attacked millions of Americans, saying he didn’t “respect MAGA Republicans.”


He said MAGA Republicans were full of “anger, violence, hate, and division.” He even said it was “semi-fascism.”

This was completely delusional. But instead of cleaning it up, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made it even worse. She was asked about him saying he didn’t respect millions of Republicans who supported President Donald Trump.

First, she falsely claimed he didn’t say that. Then she doubled down on it, saying what Biden said last night was that “when it comes to MAGA Republicans — when it comes to the extreme, ultra wing of Republicans — they are attacking democracy…they are attacking – taking away rights and freedoms. They are using threats of violence. They are taking away voting rights and he called it what it is. That’s what he did. He called it what it is…What we would argue, historians would agree with us on.”


Can she please point to how MAGA Republicans are “taking away rights”? How about one voting right that has been taken away? Wanting voter ID is fascism now? She’s believing the Democratic propaganda and she’s high on that supply. She’s untethered from all reality in her response. If she wants to talk about violence, maybe she should check all the thousands of folks on the left who rampaged in the streets in 2020 in the BLM riots.

Jean-Pierre claimed Biden was “eloquent” (something Biden has never been — he was ranting and incoherent) and tried to justify Biden’s attack, by saying that he praised Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who she called a “traditional conservative.” “Traditional conservative” to them means a moderate who is anti-Trump and will roll over for Democrats. The last thing that Hogan is, is conservative. Biden and KJP are keeping up their record of being wrong about everything.

Jean-Pierre also said MAGA philosophy was fascism, calling half of the voting public or more fascists.


Talk about projection. It was Joe Biden who took people’s rights away with the vaccine mandate, who took people’s jobs away for not being vaccinated, and who sided with the teachers’ unions in keeping kids out of school. How can MAGA Republicans even be fascist when they don’t control the government as the Democrats do right now? Fascism is about things like weaponizing federal agencies after political opponents so maybe KJP should be checking closer to home when she’s talking about fascists.

The only hate being preached here is being pushed by Biden and his minions to further divide the country.


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