Fetterman's Prior Remarks About Criminals Are Making Jaws Drop

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The Senate race shouldn’t be at all close in Pennsylvania if people just take a look a John Fetterman and his radical ideas. But some of his prior remarks on crime are now getting a lot more attention now that he’s running for the Senate.


While styling himself as a working-class everyman, Fetterman lived off his well-off parents into his late forties. Most people can’t live off their wealthy parents, most of us have to earn a living.

Perhaps that’s why Fetterman has such an affection for far-left politics because he hasn’t had to live in the real world for most of his life with real-world responsibilities. When Fetterman hit out at his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, for owning multiple homes, Oz responded, “I purchased my houses with MY money. You lived off your parents until you were almost 50. Regular people don’t mooch off their parents when they’re 50. Get off the couch John!”

Fetterman is for a lot of radical policies that wouldn’t go over well in Pennsylvania including making statements against fracking and the energy industry.

He opposes vouchers that let children in failing public school districts attend private and charter schools, despite the fact that he sends his kids to an expensive private school because he lives in one of Pennsylvania’s worst-performing school districts.

Fetterman also is ducking agreeing to debates which makes people think he’s afraid that he can’t debate Oz.


But Fetterman was asked if he had a magic wand that could “fix one thing,” what would he fix? Now there are so many things people might think of: world peace, something for your family that you might want to make better, helping the sick. What did Fetterman want to do? He wanted to end “life without parole” for murderers. Was he serious? Yes, he was.

“We could save thousands of lives and not make anyone less safe,” Fetterman claimed. “Also, expunges many permanent records of people who have been living their best lives and have been paying well beyond when they should have for a charge they caught ten, fifteen years ago.”

Letting thousands of murderers out wouldn’t make anyone less safe? And how would letting them out “expunge” their permanent records? It wouldn’t. Expungement generally only exists for less serious crimes, certainly not for murder or people who got sentences of life without parole. Why would you want to expunge the records of someone who did something so horrible that they got life without parole? The fact that he seems to want to give a pass to such serious criminals should send off alarm bells to everyone in Pennsylvania especially given what we’ve seen with radical Democrats and their soft on crime policies across the nation.


Fetterman also said he agreed with the head of the PA Department of Corrections that they could let one-third of the prison population out and that wouldn’t make anyone less safe either.

That’s just delusional and an unreal way to deal with criminals. When you have someone who such radical beliefs, that would not be good for Pennsylvania. The polls show that the race is getting closer, likely because people are beginning to see that Fetterman is just too radical for them.



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