Last Gasp Effort to Save Liz Cheney Proves the Problem She Has in Wyoming

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

We’re one more day until the primary hammer is about to fall on Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and we can throw our “Buh-bye” party.

In the last poll from the University of Wyoming, she’s down about 30 points to her opponent, Harriet Hageman. She’s down to pleading with Democrats to crossover to vote for her and save her. But even if they were so inclined, there aren’t enough Democrats in Wyoming to save her. However, she did get the all-important disgraced former senator, Al Franken endorsement. So I’m sure that will help her.


But part of her problem is she’s spent all her time obsessed with Donald Trump, and ignored the concerns of the people of Wyoming in the process, as my colleague Joe Cunningham explained earlier. Meanwhile, Harriet Hageman is talking about things of concern to people in Wyoming.

Cheney pulled out her dad for an ad. That might have been good — had he said anything at all about Wyoming where he was very popular once upon a time. But again, the ad was all about hating on Trump. Liz even called in Hollywood liberal Kevin Costner’s support — he wore a shirt saying “I’m with Liz” and Cheney captioned it, “Real men put country over party.” Not only wasn’t Costner putting country over party there, since he seems to vote for Democrats, but she was also implicitly putting down any Wyoming men who still support Trump with that shot.

But there’s one final effort underway to save Liz Cheney and it’s pretty much in line with that whole clueless approach that she’s taken to the race so far.

The “Principles First” group which claims to be “grassroots” has been out in Wyoming doorknocking for her, as our friends over at Twitchy observed.


First of all, they’re very late to the game when they show up the weekend before the primary. If they think they’re going to change anything at this point, they’re sadly mistaken.

But then on top of that, the group included folks from out of the state and even someone who described himself as an “ex-GOP” in his Twitter profile. He later deleted it from his profile after it was pointed out to him.


Seriously? The effort proves the criticism of her — that her support is from out of the state. The last thing that folks in Wyoming want is people from out of state telling them how they should think, that they need some out-of-state group intervention to tell them about the Constitution, and how wrong they are if they support Donald Trump. That’ll surely help Cheney.

Even in the last hours, the Liz Cheney side is still clueless. If you could pick something to do in the waning hours that would tick off voters who are already disturbed at Cheney over her obsessions, that would be it.


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