Desperate Liz Cheney Digs Deep, Throws the Daddy Card With New Video

Jim Bourg/Pool via AP

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is on the brink of losing very badly in her August primary in Wyoming. Her opponent, Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, is 22 points ahead of her, at the last count. If she can’t even win her primary, that’s not going to help her chances of winning higher office — the thing that seems to be her ultimate goal. Even CNN ran a hilarious report showing how hated she is now in Wyoming.


Cheney’s getting desperate. However, she created her mess, blowing off the Republicans in her state for the last year. She’s finally seeing the consequences of throwing in with the Democrats and the Jan. 6 Committee. But even what she’s doing in the last days of the campaign shows how clueless she is. Instead of reaching out to Republicans, she’s reached out to Democrats to cross the aisle and vote for her. She’s posted a picture of Democratic actor Kevin Costner wearing a shirt saying, “I’m for Liz Cheney.” Her caption on the tweet said, “Real men choose country over party.” So, she’s even selling a fiction about Costner, while insulting the real men of Wyoming who wouldn’t vote for her.

But now, Cheney’s pulling out her last card — the daddy card.

She’s put out an ad featuring her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and once again, the move is clueless and goes right to the heart of why people in Wyoming don’t want to vote for her — her obsessive hatred of Donald Trump.


“In our nation’s 246 year history, there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump. He tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him,” Dick Cheney says in the one-minute ad, titled “He Knows It.”

“He is a coward. A real man wouldn’t lie to his supporters. He lost his election and he lost big. I know it, he knows it and deep down I think most Republicans know it.”

No, being a “coward” is throwing in with the Democrats and not allowing any evidence that rebuts their false narrative about Trump. That’s cowardly.

Then how ridiculous is the hysterical claim that no one has ever been a “greater threat to the Republic” than Trump? This is just historically ignorant of all the threats this country has faced. Not to mention that Trump’s time in office was a paradise, particularly compared to what we are now experiencing under Joe Biden. The failure to understand that Trump isn’t a threat, but the Democrats driving this country to the radical left are an incredibly serious threat, is a great delusion. This is true Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“There is nothing more important she will ever do than lead the effort to make sure Donald Trump is never again near the Oval Office again. And she will succeed. I am Dick Cheney. I proudly voted for my daughter. I hope you will too,” he ends the ad by saying.


There it is. What this is all about. Not “justice.” Not the truth. If it was either of those two things, you’d allow other evidence to rebut your presumptions. It’s always been about preventing Trump from running again. So, she’s doing the work of the Democrats and telling the Republican voters of Wyoming who voted for Trump that this is her aim. How does she think that’s going to work? This not only isn’t going to work with Republicans in Wyoming, but it’s also going to remind Democrats of their hatred for Dick Cheney. So good luck getting their vote.

The “Daddy, help me” gambit isn’t going to work and shows just how desperate she is.


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