Trump Isn't Blinking as He Takes Apart FBI Raid With an Important Point

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The left was coming after President Donald Trump, daring him to release the warrant regarding the FBI raid on his home.

Trump isn’t blinking. He’s not acting like someone who thinks he has a lot to fear from this. He announced he was all for releasing the warrant, and he now he’s commented on how the raid was completely unnecessary. He had been in talks with the National Archives for a while and had already turned over several boxes of documents in June. So that’s why the raid isn’t making logical sense.


We wrote about the warrant being unsealed and some of the documents that were allegedly seized. But we also reported how they got the warrant on August 5 but didn’t serve it until August 8. So if there was some big national security concern about the documents, why did they wait three days? They didn’t exactly make it seem like there was anything urgent by doing that.

As Trump commented on Friday, all they had to do is ask.

That’s the big question here — why they just didn’t ask? Trump had already been turning over documents cooperatively, as evidenced by his turning over boxes in June. The DOJ has not explained that it wasn’t possible to ask or even issue a subpoena to get what they wanted. According to Fox, it isn’t even like Trump had packed the boxes — the GSA packed them. So Trump didn’t even remove them, they were sent to him. So if there’s something funny in there, ask the GSA. But if the FBI had asked, then they wouldn’t get the big headlines and the controversy that someone might hope would hurt the chances of Trump and the Republicans in the future elections. As we noted, if someone had that thought, that seems to have backfired on them, with it increasing Trump’s support and him still topping the betting odds to win in 2024.


Trump also questioned why the FBI wouldn’t let his lawyers watch the search. His lawyers had raised concerns that leave open the possibility that things could be planted.

But then here’s another problem with the warrant: talk about being overbroad, it said they were seeking any document created the whole time that Trump was in office. This is just ridiculous.

It also extended to any room in the home that could contain documents. There were reports that they even searched the bedroom and Melania’s closet. That screams fishing expedition too.

The comparison between how Trump is being treated by the FBI versus how Hillary Clinton was treated is stark. There was no raid on her home. This even though she set up a whole private server to avoid inspection and had classified information on it. Unlike Trump, she could not declassify the information. Let’s not forget how she deleted some 30,000 emails that she tried to claim were just wedding invitations and such things. Then, there were the destroyed Blackberrys. But all that got a pass.




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