WATCH: Biden Has a Problem With His Jacket, Jill Has to Rescue Him

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Folks on the left are trying to push the new talking point that Joe Biden is successful and has achieved a lot of “wins.” If they think driving the country into a recession and then pushing for even more spending in the face of record inflation with the Inflation Reduction Act is a win, I’m not sure they understand what’s going on.


Regardless, it’s not working because at the end of the week the ABC/Ipsos poll showed that 69 percent of Americans thought the economy was getting worse. There was also 69 percent disapproval of Biden when it came to inflation and he was in the basement on virtually every issue.

White House officials have even been spreading “Dark Brandon” memes about Joe Biden to pump up his feeble and incoherent personality. The problem is that trying to invest him with power that he doesn’t have just tends to highlight his weakness all the more.

Also, they don’t know how to meme so they even made a meme susceptible to Nazi interpretations. They showed how badly they can fail when they try to spin for him.

But you can make any meme to try to sell him that you want. It doesn’t change that the product is deeply flawed, as his cockamamie comments in Kentucky on Monday showed, including how the flooding in the state that took many lives was due to climate change. He also came out with this winner: “The weather may be out of our control for now, but it is not beyond our control.”


But the guy who they’re trying to build up with the “Dark Brandon” meme, the guy who thinks that he can control the weather had a small problem on Monday when he got off his Marine helicopter with his wife, Jill. Biden had great difficulty putting on his jacket. It was a fight, man vs. jacket. Jacket won.

Eventually, he just gave up, appealing to Jill to notice and help him. After she helped him, he still had difficulties, not seeming to understand that his glasses were perched precariously on his nose. He didn’t understand that until his glasses fell off his face to the ground. Not to mention, that mask he’s wearing after he just went all around Kentucky meeting with people up close without a mask. So what’s the point in it now, except perhaps for the photo op?

This is the guy they want to pitch as Dark Brandon? Who’s going to change laws and control the weather when he can’t even control getting his arm in a jacket? I mean everyone has a moment now and then, but this is every day when it comes to Joe Biden. He puts on a jacket here like he runs a country — which is to say it’s a big swing and a miss. Jill has to save him. I’m not sure what that look when she does so could be. It’s almost like she’s laughing, as she seems to smirk.


It’s hard to believe that either China or Russia would be put off by this guy from making aggressive moves when this is what he’s constantly showing. But this is what Democrats think is “crushing it.”


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