Biden's Cockamamie Comments About Climate Change and Controlling the Weather

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As we reported earlier, Joe Biden stopped in Kentucky to meet with Gov. Andy Beshear in between his vacation day in Delaware on his way to a week-long vacation in South Carolina. Biden was there to talk about the flooding that had happened last week that took many lives. He’s just out of isolation for COVID, but he wasn’t wearing a mask as he sat next to Gov. Andy Beshear and hacked up a lung.


Biden also looks pretty out of it there and Beshear flinches a bit when Biden coughs like that. He wasn’t wearing a mask in any of the pictures or videos of him next to people in Kentucky.

But Biden wouldn’t be Biden if he didn’t make comments that make you go, “Huh?”

He had one such comment on Monday before he got to Kentucky when he was asked by a reporter about China’s threatening actions after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

“I’m not worried but I’m concerned that they’re moving as much as they are. But I don’t think they’re going to do anything more than they are,” Biden said. Well, no one is going to do anything more than they are. I think perhaps he means anything more than they have. But that’s Joe — you always have to try to interpret what he is saying. That’s concerning since he’s always wrong. If Joe says China isn’t going to do anything more, that means they probably are going to do something more.


Then, when Biden was at the briefing with Beshear, he asked Gov. Beshear if he may say something and noted, “I still have to ask permission.” Biden is just so used to being controlled, he asks permission automatically.

Biden then blamed the flooding and the deaths on climate change.

That’s more than a little offensive to use people who have just died to burnish your agenda points. Flooding has existed since the beginning of time. He didn’t present any evidence this has anything to do with climate change.

When Biden met with some of the people who were affected by the flood damage, he made more remarks and went off script a bit.


“Everybody has an obligation to help,” Biden said. “It’s not like it’s beyond our control. The weather may be out of our control for now, but it is not beyond our control.” Yikes, does he think he can control the weather now? It’s not clear because that last sentence conflicts with itself, and is incoherent.

Then he spoke about his infrastructure bill that he said cost “a billion two hundred million.” It cost $1.2 trillion. He also claimed that the “Inflation Reduction Act” will “take care of everything like health care and God knows what else.”

Exactly — they intend to spend on all their goals, while it does nothing at all to address what it is allegedly for — inflation — except to drive it up.

Biden promised to do everything he could do for them legally. But if it wasn’t legal, he said, he would “change the law.”


Now, I’m all for him doing everything he can for these people. But what he said is truly a window into how Biden works, and it’s not good. He thinks he can do that– that he can “change the law.” That’s a truly problematic interpretation of the role of his office. No, sorry, Joe, that’s not in your power, you don’t get to just “change the law.”

Biden just can’t seem to stop the cockamamie comments, even after a week in isolation.



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