WH Deputy Press Sec Reveals Just How Badly They Can Fail When They Try to Meme for Biden

As we reported earlier, White House officials and other Democrats are trying to spread a “Dark Brandon” meme about Joe Biden, in the effort to rehabilitate his feeble administration.


They might be right, that Brandon is “crushing it” — if they mean the economy.

But the problem with the left as has been said in the past is that they can’t meme.

First, the problem is that because Biden is feeble and incoherent, it just looks silly and desperate when you are trying to imbue him with special powers. Not to mention as my colleague Brittany Sheehan pointed out, it’s a bit of a rip-off already of memes of Trump. Big surprise, the Biden team sort of plagiarizing an idea once again.

But then because they can’t meme, they came up with something that is not only dumb, but actually problematic. If Trump had come up with it you know the liberal media would be screaming “Nazi imagery” because of the eagle in the background. They would be crucifying him 24/7.

This was posted by the White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates who has already shown that he has issues posting silly and juvenile things.


For example, the left/the media even tried to push some weird interpretations about the CPAC stage last year.

So where is the Washington Post to call out the Biden team for their evil meme? Completely missing.

But this is just more of their delusion that the problem with Biden is just the messaging. Maybe if we dress him up and make him look more powerful, that will help how Americans perceive him. They thought they could flip the Brandon meme that so perfectly described Joe Biden and his toadying acolytes in the media. Except that the new tactic still can’t cover up the old failure. The problem isn’t the messaging, the problem is Joe and his bad policies.

As I reported over the weekend, the effort to try to rehab Joe as now having “wins” and turning things around isn’t working. A new ABC/Ipsos poll shows that he’s still in the basement on virtually every issue, particularly inflation. This poll was taken after many of Biden’s so-called “wins.”


Why? Because you can’t fool people when it comes to what is crushing their wallets. They know they have to pay almost twice as much for gas with Joe. They know everything including food is costing hundreds of dollars more than it did under Trump. They know that inflation is sparked by government spending and now Biden has just signed aboard a deal to tax and spend even more, right in the middle of a recession that everyone knows he is lying and denying.

Americans get it, and that spells bad news for Biden and the Democrats.

Warning for graphic language:


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