WH Effort to Clean up After Biden and Harris Goes All Kinds of Wrong

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The role of the White House Press Secretary is supposed to be to convey the position of the Biden Administration. But it’s one heck of a tough job because it also involves cleaning up after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who so frequently make a mess of things. It doesn’t help when the person who is the press secretary keeps stepping in it herself.


Here’s Karine Jean-Pierre agreeing, at least in part, that what Kamala Harris said — comparing the Supreme Court opinion returning the decision on abortion to the states to slavery — was right.

So not only did Kamala say a monumentally stupid and offensive thing, but then you get Jean-Pierre agreeing with it to some degree into the bargain. Not exactly doing well cleaning up the gaffes there.

But she didn’t leave it there, she continued on the abortion subject and managed to make a rather glaring blunder, referring to Justice Clarence Thomas as “Judge Thompson.”

I understand that they don’t like him, but at least they could have the basic respect for him to get his name right. But beyond that, what Jean-Pierre said about the Dobbs decision was deceptive — that “they’re looking to go further.” The Supreme Court in its majority opinion made clear that its decision only related to abortion. So to try to claim that the Court was “looking to go further” based on the things that Justice Thomas said in his concurrence is just a lie.


But then she tried to push the talking point of the day: how we all should just be thrilled that the Biden Administration was saving Americans $25 per month on gas. “We’re not taking a victory lap,” she said, as she tried to take a victory lap.

How laughable is that? Victory lap? Gas is still more than $2.00 higher than it was when Biden came in, because of their bad policies. They want credit now for the drop which is because the demand went down? Yet the rise was all due to Vladimir Putin? They think we are stupid if they think we will buy this spin. But it wasn’t just Jean-Pierre trying this spin — NEC Director Brian Deese and Joe Biden himself were pushing this false talking point.

Fox’s Peter Doocy punctured Jean-Pierre’s effort, mentioning how much gas prices have gone up since Biden came in.


Yes, we do have to look at “how we got here” as Jean-Pierre responded — let’s look right at Biden’s attacks on the energy industry which have exacerbated the situation.


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