Kamala Harris Gives a Mind-Numbing Lesson on 'Assault Weapons' and 'Venn Diagrams'

AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre

Kamala Harris recently got rid of another speech writer, but if her latest public appearance is any indication, the next one she hires isn’t going to help much. The vice president spoke on a White House live stream on Monday about assault weapons, abortion, and Venn diagrams, doing her best to make no sense as she spanned each topic.


On assault weapons, Harris spit out a word salad about their “purposeful” design that will have gun owners rolling their eyes.

I have no idea why Democrats think this is a good talking point. Were “assault weapons” designed to kill (even accepting the label as appropriate here)? Of course, they were. Do you know what other guns were designed to kill? All of them. Literally, all of them. The idea that a .223 chambered AR-15 is some maniacal invention of death in comparison to a .308 hunting rifle or a 9mm handgun is just silly. All guns are lethal and all must be respected and used responsibly.

Even still, the modern “assault weapon” was not designed simply to kill a lot of people “quickly.” It was designed to have low recoil, be accurate, and carry enough rounds so that you don’t get caught with your pants down. An AR-15 isn’t a military-grade, belt-fed M249 spraying nearly a thousand rounds a minute. Harris shows her ignorance on the subject every time she opens her mouth.


Moving on, Harris also delves into the mystery of Venn diagrams.

How is this woman not the most popular politician in the country? It’s a real mystery.

But I digress, I won’t belabor the cringe because Harris then made an argument that I think is worthy of rebuke. She attempted to connect the pro-life position on abortion to slavery.

Democrats say a lot of stupid things on the topic of abortion, but acting as if not wanting to kill babies somehow equates pro-life Americans to slaveholders is ghoulish. It’s taking reality and standing it on its head. It is the left that makes the argument that they have the right to arbitrarily deny personhood and rights to their fellow human beings in the womb. Do you know who else thought that way? That would be slaveholders.


Pro-lifers are modern-day abolitionists seeking to protect the right to life of all people. Harris and her ilk are the ones snuffing out lives for convenience and politics. If anyone should be compared to slaveholders, it’s them.

Broadening back out, Harris continues to be an awful politician. That she consistently runs below Joe Biden, who is riding in the high 30s for average approval rating, is both funny and pathetic. Even with the media that constantly defends her and a base that loves her, Harris is just inauthentic, unlikable, and bad at her job. No new speechwriter is going to hide that, and unless she’s going to get a personality transplant sometime soon, her chances in 2024 look dim.


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