Ron Klain Descends Into Delusion to Redefine Joe Biden's No Good, Awful, Very Bad Week

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I think it’s safe to say that Joe Biden had a bad week.

Joe Biden hit historic low approval levels, going under 30 percent for the first time in a Civiqs poll, with even his Democratic numbers going south. On top of that, Democrats were in disarray over him, throwing him under the bus. Even the NY Times admits there are issues now, citing concerns from the White House staff from his shuffling gait to his cognitive abilities.


Meanwhile, the CPI went to 9.1 percent and the PPI indicated that inflation was likely to continue with an 11.3 percent number, the worst since 1981. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain had predicted in 2021 that inflation would be at 2.1 in 2022. That didn’t age well, and showed how clueless the Biden team is. But they indicate that they just want to spend even more.

A reporter asked Biden about a poll showing two-thirds of Democrats don’t want him to run again, and Biden flipped out on the reporter, arguing that wasn’t true. Even CNN busted Biden on this lie.

Former Obama physician, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) also revealed how Barack Obama yelled at him in an email during the 2020 campaign, after Jackson tweeted concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Then there was the 4Chan dump that highlighted all the concerning questions about Joe Biden’s son, particularly the connections to Russia and China with Hunter’s newly discovered comment about those connections causing concern. Add to that Jill Biden doing a horrible pandering job and insulting Hispanics across the country with her “bogidas” and “tacos” remark in San Antonio.

Then there were the gaffes overseas: insulting our allies and fist bumping wth Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Ultimately, after going to beg for oil, Biden came back with no commitments, he even got dropped with some truth bombs about energy and inflation by MBS, in what looked like a clear scolding of Biden for his bad policies.


Then whatever legislative agenda he had left was killed by Joe Manchin, to the assembled wailing of Democrats.

NY Times senior political reporter Maggie Haberman even had to admit it:

“In a one-week period, Biden’s historic approval rating lows were affirmed, he traveled to meet with/fist-bump a Saudi prince with whom he said he would treat as a pariah and saw his legislative agenda further erode,” Haberman observed. “Also inflation hitting record highs (possibly a lagging indicator but one that’s hard to brush off).”

But that didn’t sit well with Klain–as I mentioned, he’s the guy who said we would be at a 2.1 percent inflation number now.

But even the things that Klain desperately cited to save Biden’s week were largely due to other things, not Biden, like the bipartisan gun bill that Congress put through. Klain wants Biden to get credit for a decrease in gas prices despite blaming others for the increase. Funny how that works. Plus the decrease is still only a relatively small percentage of gas stations. ACA premiums being low is a laughable statement. And he can’t say anything at all about Israel, when the Biden team is still bending over for Iran to get the despicable Iran Deal back. Israel’s security? What about our own nation’s security, which is hemorrhaging at the border?


Klain is clueless about what the American people think–that’s one of the reasons the Biden Administration is such a mess. But the American people know it and are going to be speaking loudly, with their votes, in November.


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