Biden Manages to Insult Our Allies in Multiple Gaffes in East Jerusalem

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Imagine having a person occupying the highest position in our country and not feeling like he can go abroad without being a complete embarrassment to our country.


It’s like when you have that old uncle who comes to the family functions who you know is going to say something that is just going to be awful. That’s Joe Biden. Except that it’s a continual festival of failure and gaffes. As we noted, Joe Biden seemed to be having such trouble that he stuck out his hand again with no one there and had to be helped to his seat by the Israeli president.

Biden kept up the tradition started under Barack Obama of publicly claiming to support Israel, then doing a wide variety of things to throw them under the bus and accommodate the radical left which is very pro-Palestinian. He committed multiple gaffes that insulted both Israel and other allies.

It’s the practice that when you’re in a foreign country you fly the American flag and the flag of the other country on your car. But when he went into East Jerusalem, he removed the Israeli flag when he went to visit a Palestinian hospital — presumably to not offend the Palestinians — but offending the Israelis in the process, as the Jerusalem Post observes. The removal would appear to undermine Israel’s sovereignty in the area.


Then, at the hospital, Biden pledged $100 million to Palestinian hospitals, pouring out more of our money for other countries, not our country’s needs. One also has to wonder if that money would also get diverted to the Palestinian fight against Israel.

But when he went to Augusta Victoria Hospital, that created another problem, because the hospital wouldn’t allow any Israeli officials in.

Behind the scenes, there has been considerable wrangling over the refusal of the U.S. government to allow Israeli officials to accompany Biden inside the hospital, which is run by the Lutheran World Federated Department for World Service. The German Lutherans co-founded the facility with the UN Relief and Works Agency after the 1948-49 War of Independence to care for Palestinian refugees.

This was not a new policy by the hospital, but the Biden team went anyway, and that caused controversy as well. Some “Israelis were furious,” according to Haaretz.

Then Biden managed to insult both the U.K and Israel in one statement, comparing his Irish Catholic ancestors to the Palestinians.


“[T]he background of my family is Irish American,” Biden said. “And we have a long history not fundamentally unlike the Palestinian people, with Great Britain and their attitude toward Irish Catholics over the years for 400 years.”

Not a good look and that’s not going to go over well with either country.

Then there was also that thing about shaking hands. Before he landed in Israel, we were told he wouldn’t be shaking hands because of concern about COVID.

Then when he landed he did fist bumps with people (but also got close to them and was touching them in other ways, so that all just seemed stupid). Then he shook hands with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


But by the time that Biden was greeting Mahmoud Abaas (and why is he meeting with him?), that admonition seems to have disappeared.

How confused is this latest Biden “policy” and if he doesn’t shake hands now with the Saudi leader, how’s he going to explain this, given his other actions?

I don’t think we can let him go overseas anymore, it’s just too costly to our prestige and our national security.


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