Biden Wonders Where President Is, Loses It on Reporter Who Says Dems Don't Want Him to Run

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden seems to have continual difficulty remembering the office he’s supposed to be holding. He’s often referred to Kamala Harris as “President Harris,” appearing confused about who holds what role.


On Tuesday, he admitted he had difficulty remembering who the president was during remarks before the White House Congressional Picnic, the event the White House throws for members of Congress and their families.

“Well, folks, uh, you know, you don’t have to stand every time I hear, ‘Hail to the Chief’ wondering where the hell is he,” Joe said. “It took me a long while. You think I’m joking, I’m not. Turned around and, ‘Where’s the president?'”

Yes, Joe, we’re all wondering too. Because there doesn’t appear to be one in the White House. At least not a competent one.

Then Joe stepped in it once again with a reference to how members of Congress used to get along, as he spoke fondly about going out to lunch with his segregationist buddy, James Eastland, when they served together. The Biden team seems to have continual racist issues and Biden doesn’t even see the problem with what he’s saying here. He’s said stuff like this before.

The menu sounded good — no tacos in sight — in the wake of the controversy over Jill Biden’s pandering, offensive comment comparing Hispanics to breakfast tacos.


The menu looked a bit like a cross-section of Americana, including a veggie option and an advertisement for a cheesemaker thrown in. If the rest of us tried to put on such a picnic even for just our family members, the cost would likely be sky-high and probably prohibitive with Joe Biden’s inflation. But nice to know they can have a nice lunch on our dime.

But what was supposed to be a light event went south when a reporter asked Biden about the massive number of Democrats who don’t want him to run again. You can see Biden get upset and completely deny reality. And check the eyes — that’s scary, delusional, and angry.

“What’s your message to Democrats who don’t want you to run again?” the reporter asked. “They want me to run,” Biden insisted. The reporter replied two-thirds said they don’t. He of course was right, as we’ve reported, and Biden wrong. Biden continued, now angry, “Read the polls! Read the polls, Jack! You guys are all the same. That poll showed that 92 percent of Democrats — if I ran — would vote for me.” The reporter replied a majority said no, they don’t. Biden continued to just refuse the facts. “92 percent said if I did, they would vote for me.”


I’m confused: Are we supposed to “read the polls” as Joe rants or ignore the polls as White House Karine Jean-Pierre claims they do? Biden tripped up a bit there, making it clear that what KJP said on Monday about them not looking at polls was a lie — that he was paying attention to polls (albeit not understanding them).

But this is bad when he just refuses reality like this. You might argue what the polls mean, but you can’t claim that the polls don’t exist, which is what Biden does. And he wonders why so many Democrats don’t want him to run again?

A comment from NBC’s Andrea Mitchell summed it up well.


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