J6 Committee Just Kneecapped Themselves Over Evidence in Cassidy Hutchinson's Testimony

AP Photo/ Andrew Harnik, Pool

We reported earlier on the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

As we noted, she claimed that President Donald Trump somehow managed to grab the wheel of The Beast to try to go to the Capitol, when Secret Service agents told him they wouldn’t be going there, and that he then lunged at the agent who told him that.


Now, there were several problems with this story, as we noted, including that she didn’t see any of this herself; this is what she supposedly heard from an agent. So basically, she was repeating gossip, even if you assume she was telling the truth. But it was hearsay, and it was odd that they were having her testify to it and not the agents.

The story was unbelievable on its face, as we noted, that 74-year-old Trump, whom Democrats have mocked and tried to claim can’t walk down a ramp, is now unbelievably strong and able to get past agents to grab the wheel of a moving, presidential limo.


Then what did they think this proved regarding the riot — it doesn’t go to show anything, despite the Committee’s effort to lie and say otherwise. Notice the deceptive claim here about the “armed mob.”

Indeed, if Trump had wanted to go there, it could be that he wanted to help to calm the situation. This would seem to prove the opposite of the Committee’s effort — why would he go into the middle of a riot, if he had planned it and knew it was going to happen?

But, notice how what the Committee says differs from what Hutchinson said in her hearsay testimony.

She said the agent said this happened in The Beast. Now they’re claiming Trump was in a Surburban. So, which is it? Whoops. Looks like you didn’t get your story straight there, guys, and that tends to blow apart the rest of the story. So what’s the story here?


That’s the problem when you have hearsay testimony, and you rush to put on things that you haven’t vetted–because the truth isn’t your aim, getting Trump is. That’s how you get gored by the truth, as we noted with the Secret Service saying that Bobby Engel, the agent allegedly involved in the car incident, and the driver ready to say that this isn’t true. But the whole story was nonsensical to begin with, and the Committee just overplayed their hand big time and may have just blown themselves up with their lies.


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